7 Habits That Help Japanese Women Preserve Their Youth as Long as Possible


Looking at the modern inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, it might seem to anyone that they have a recipe for eternal youth. It may sound like a joke, but science shows that the process of ageing is simple for them. And this miracle occurs not only because of their biology but also because of a certain self-care regimen, the specifics of which we will tell you in this post. These advice pieces are applicable to all forms of skin and are usually related to lifestyle.

7. They approach the preservation of their beauty consciously.

Japanese women have made it a kind of worship to care for themselves; when it comes to their beauty, they spare neither time nor money. Girls undergo such procedures on a regular basis beginning from the age of 20 (we’ll tell you about them soon) that are intended to maintain the beauty of the face and body as long as possible and there are many lessons we can learn from them. So remember to take care of yourself, apply a mask, and listen to some soothing music next time instead of dedicating another hour to finishing house chores.

6. Bath days, which last the whole day, are scheduled once a week.

Since ancient times, people in Japan have been taking baths in hot springs called Onsens. These processes enrich the body with mineral components, promote blood circulation, and increase sleep. This choice might not be open to all today, and in thermal springs, there is really no need to splash around.

Modern Japanese women say that a full bath day should be scheduled at least once a week and it should look like this:

  • For at least half of the day, get absolutely free of everything and everything, nobody can bother you, turn off the television, take your roommates to the movies, etc.
  • Steam your whole body.
  • Cleanse your body carefully with a shower puff and scrub (you can make the scrub yourself, there are several internet recipes available).
  • You should be able to feel how your muscles relax by lying in warm water for a long time (this is important).
  • Apply body oil to your skin after the wash.

This simple procedure will increase your lymph flow, alleviate muscle spasms and, if done regularly, help to get rid of stress.

5. They regularly perform anti-ageing massages.

Chizu Saeki, a top cosmetologist from Japan, suggests conducting a special message on your own (read her book The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Get the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life At Any Age if you want to learn more information about it). Your skin will become firm and tight if you do the procedure daily, which means you can say goodbye to wrinkles or at least postpone their appearance.

Repeat all exercises 3 times with slight movements:

  • On both sides of your lips, place your fingers. Massage the skin as if you are playing the piano by knocking the skin lightly.
  • Press the middle of the forehead tightly on the skin and pause for 3 seconds, then move your fingers toward the temples.
  • With one hand, gently spread the skin on your forehead as if you were ironing wrinkles, and place the second hand on your temple.
  • Pull your forehead muscles upward using both hands in a row.
  • Push the region around your lips gently. To perform this exercise, use your ring and middle fingers; all the movements should go up and down.
  • Perform circular movements by slightly pressing the area behind ears.
  • Make light pressing motions with the aid of finger pads in the under-brow region. Using your middle finger to make a slipping motion toward their inner corners along with the pupils.

4. They carefully purify and moisturise their skin.

Every evening, it is important to cleanse and moisturise your skin. And if you want to have skin that’s as radiant as the women of the Land of the Rising Sun, do it like this:

  • Warm up the cleanser or cream in your hands.
  • With the aid of dotted brushstrokes, apply it to your face in the area of the cheek, forehead, nose and chin.
  • From your chin, spread the cleanser/cream to your ears, from your nose to your cheeks and ears, from your eyes and nose to your temples.
  • Swipe the finger pads up the bridge of your nose from the tip of your nose. Spread the cleaner/cream evenly on both the left and the right side of your forehead.
  • Then spread it down to the tip of your nose and across your nostrils from the bridge of your nose. With massaging motions from the nose to the ears, finish the operation.

Without pressing, your hands should just slide along the skin. All movements should be performed. Repeat 3 times every movement (but apply the cream only once).

3. They arrange ’cosmetics -free’ days for their skin.

Try to spend at least one day a week without it to give your skin a break and let it breathe, if you are used to applying makeup everyday. Use only cleaners and moisturising creams on this day. Spend this time assessing your face’s state. This kind of ‘fasting day’ would help your skin so much.

2. They have a balanced diet.

From within, beauty comes. To feel healthy and look gorgeous, adhere to the core concepts of the Japanese nutritional system:

  • Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day.
  • No snacks. Eat only according to a timetable.
  • Take vitamins (first consult a doctor).
  • Eat more fish and vegetables (on the Japanese beauty menu, there are almost no sweets or baked goods).
  • Drink green tea (by the way, it is an ingredient in most cosmetic items).

1. In any temperature, they shield their skin from the sun.

The tradition of using a mixture of rice flour and milk to whiten the skin has already been left behind in the past. Japanese girls are still trying to make their skin a pearly-porcelain colour, though, the beauty standard has remained. And in this assignment, the lack of sun plays a major part. Well, it’s not the shortage, but the use of numerous things and strategies that help conceal and shield themselves from the sun’s rays.

That’s why we also recommend that you use high SPF cosmetic products because ultraviolet rays can harm your overall look a lot. And seeing how gorgeous the women of Japan are, we are sure that this method really works.

Preview photo credit masako_mizutani / instagramnaomiwatts / instagram

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova