Psychologists Explain 7 Signs of an Impasse in a Relationship That Are Not So Obvious


About 3 million people around the world go on dates every day. These dates can turn into something larger, such as long-lasting relationships or marriage, but you can’t escape from variables that can ruin the idyll and lead you to a breakup.

7. You don’t have common photos.

If your partner doesn’t like to be photographed and checks his / her social media once a year, so in his / her Instagram profile there is no point thinking about the fact that there are no pictures of you.

But if your partner keeps taking pictures of him/herself and uploads them ignoring your common images to social media accounts, then there’s cause to ponder. Either your partner feels ashamed of you or actually does not want your partnership to be marketed.

You can say, “Let’s take a joint picture,” in healthy relationships without feeling uncomfortable.

6. You don’t talk a lot, but rather, during your dates, you watch movies a lot.

There’s nothing wrong with watching your tv show or some new movie together from time to time, but it’s not natural if you spend every meeting watching TV or watching a movie on your phone.

After such meetings, pay attention to the feelings you receive. It’s something to think about if you need to watch something purely because you don’t have popular topics for a discussion or because you’re simply not interested in your relationship. Do these relationships still need you?

5. You hardly ever quarrel.

The absence of quarrels is generally fine, but only in situations where you can patiently and calmly work things out by listening to each other.

If you have no quarrels, though, and just hang on to a lot of offences against each other, or if one of you complains and the other forgets about it in 10 seconds, that’s a real indication that the partnership is unhealthy. It’ll crumble sooner or later under an avalanche of collective allegations.

4. You rarely hug each other.

There are two ways for relationships to build here as well. The first one is when partners express their emotions through various means. When required, they can prepare a delicious dinner, buy a nice gift, or simply support each other. But what if one of the partners, or both, doesn’t like hugging? You may accept it or try to discuss it.

When partners don’t care for each other, the second choice is. They don’t want love-Dovey material, and they don’t show love in different ways. Perhaps that is because it is not there.

3. You are indifferent to each other’s success.

In our lives, often complicated and excellent circumstances take place. The partner can get a little indifferent at such moments.

But if you routinely ignore your abilities and successes or, worse than that, your wife depreciates them, then it’s another warning. Do you really need someone who always needs to look more important and stronger than you?

2. You make each other lie.

Does your partner make you tell lies when someone doesn’t want to see him? It is a warning. Either by actually saying “no” to the person he doesn’t want to see, he can’t fix the problem himself, or he doesn’t want to see your friends and family and, thus, feels your prerogative is to make up excuses.

Both cases talk of immaturity and that it doesn’t matter to your mate at all; he doesn’t even want to get along with people close to you.

1. Your parents don’t like your partner.

About what kind of spouse you can have, your parents will have their own opinion. Still, on this subject, you should soberly score all pieces of advice and comments. Parents often turn on the hyper-care mode and that can spoil anything.

But if your parents keep saying that your partner is not your match by supplying you with several proofs and giving you the option, then at least you can look more carefully at the relationship. There is something powerful about your partner that turns them off. Maybe the passion of yours blinded you?

Often it’s hard to accept that your relationship has reached a dead end, but sometimes you need to get rid of needless luggage in order to get something new and useful.

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Illustrated by Sergey Raskovalov