9 Ways to Support Other Women and Why It’s Important


People who help other people have a better chance of succeeding. And that’s not one lie! Even that justification is enough to stop competing with each other all the time and show your colleagues or your friends more sympathy. Sisterhood is not just about sharing a lipstick, it is about showing true love, respect and a secure feeling.

1. Encourage

Every woman needs to feel secure, but some situations arise when we can not control what is going on in our life. We need to be courageous sometimes and make our own choices.

If another woman asks you for advice, instead of saying she doesn’t need it or that it’s dangerous what she’s talking about, it’s easier to ask how to help her. Invite her somewhere if she wants to break up with her husband, so she can calm down. If she wants to open a business, say she is proud of you. Only be there, and don’t forget her mood.

No need to even try to give some clever pieces of advice. It’s enough to make sure her self-defeating impulses aren’t creeping in.

2. Listen

Let them talk to her! It isn’t about gossiping. When women are stressed out, speaking actually calms them down, because the female brain releases a hormone called oxytocin.

If you don’t know what to say or are afraid to say something stupid, you can just nod your head while listening. But the worst thing you can do is ignore your friend when she needs a release during tough times.

3. Share your knowledge

Let’s take one example. You’ve got a new colleague, it’s her first day at work and she literally doesn’t even know where to get a cup of tea so don’t act like a stranger. She is already under stress. Share your understanding and make her feel more comfortable. It’s a big bonus too for your karma!

Of course, we are not talking about sharing some subjective experience, like how to break up with a boyfriend, but it can be good for both you and her to give useful and practical information.

4. Give back to young girls

When you were a teenager think of yourself. We bet some of us can say they had a shortage of women who could inspire and guide us in the right way. There’s no need to get annoyed with your advice, but it’s always good to say or do something that will give them more confidence.

You can tell them how beautiful they are, and how they should take care of themselves and not forget personal development. Or just take your niece to an art display or the theatre. When she is an adult she would certainly understand that.

5. Give compliments

We all enjoy compliments, so count on how many times we give them every day. It’s not a crime to bring a good message out.

Here are some ideas that will help you offer a nice compliment, but not a crazy obvious one:

  1. Focus on a great find (Tell her that her dress is amazing, but don’t ask where she got her dress).
  2. Consider making contact with the head.
  3. Be attentive. To say something like “smart for such a young person” is hardly a compliment.
  4. Say it forthwith and don’t hang on to it later.
  5. Search for issues they have been dealing with, like a survey, for example, and find something positive to say about it.

6. Help your mother and grandmother

Begin with your own world. Aid your mother. Offer her a call, and ask if anything is needed. There’s no reason you should send her flowers. Allow a smile of her!

These things are going to make her, and your day.

7. Connect women

Put in people that you know each other. They might have a great idea for a company. And if you excel in your life, then you are as well.

There’s no need to break each other down and cover everybody’s best friend.

The more women are connected and friendly to each other, the more opportunities they have for success in life. We could, of course, ask our partner to help us organize an event or introduce us to someone important, but it always puts you in a position of dependence in your relationship.

A close women’s inner circle can provide critical information about job opportunities and challenges. Research has even shown that women who had a circle of 1-3 friends were in authority and pay 2.5 times higher than those who lacked that combination.

8. Invite other women to events

Men invite each other to do things easily, even when they have just met. They organize groups, small parties and even just get together to play football. Women can do the same thing too.

Don’t be afraid to turn away. She may have a small child at home, but the woman you invited already feels fine, even if she has to refuse your bid.

9. Create your own women’s club

Often we can’t be there right away to support a friend but we can build a powerful tool. We can organize our own girls talk with WhatsApp, where we can share our thoughts, failures and achievements.

It’s really necessary not to be judgmental, but to be discerning when you interact with them, and not too opinionated.

Do you think women nowadays get disconnected? Do you know other ways to better support one another? Please let us share your stories below!

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova