A French Artist Shows What It’s Like to Be a Mom in Her Honest Yet Hilarious Illustrations


Parenting is both the best thing on Earth and the most challenging. Growing a baby brings so much joy, happiness and pain that you just have to share it with the world sometimes. The French artist Nathalie Jomard did just this by drawing her drawings full of sarcasm, frankness and passion.

1. Only parents know the difficulty of making a child eat well …

2  …especially if this rule doesn’t apply to anyone else.

3. Oh, and who said you can’t be jealous of your spouse?

4. Maternity gives you a new outlook on disasters.

5. You learn to find advantages in unexpected situations…

6. …and understand that parental authority is a mythical creature.

7. Gothel’s “Mother Knows Best” becomes your motto.

8. Planning becomes essential.

9. You learn to fight your fears…or try to.

10. Sometimes explaining things is a real struggle.