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Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series: Indian actress, model, and social media influencer Aayushi Jaiswal is well-known. Aayushi began her acting career in the world of online series. She has contributed to numerous ullu app web series. Charmsukh Kamar ka Naap is the most well-known online serial by Aayushi Jaiswal.

Aayushi jaiswal webseries

Talented Indian actress Aayushi Jaiswal has won acclaim for her roles in web series, TV dramas, and Bollywood films. Aayushi Jaiswal has enthralled fans with her performances in adult and erotic web series. We will give you all about Aayushi Jaiswal’s web series list, wiki, photos, and updates in this article.

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Aayushi Jaiswal has participated in several web series, displaying her acting skills. The following is a list of some of the web series in which she has appeared:

Badan Web Series – 2024 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

This is the tale of a married guy named Mukesh. Mukesh has a relationship with a female. In order to discover Mukesh’s affair, Mukesh’s wife hires a lad. That young man begins to adore Mukesh’s wife. If you want to know what will happen next, watch the Badan web series.

Palangtod Damaad ji Season 2 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Ranjana and Mohan’s story is presented in Damaad Ji Season 2. Ranjana is Mohan’s mother-in-law, and the two have a physical relationship. When Mohan’s friend shows up one day, Ranjana and Mohan are making out. He captures a video on their MMS. His friend begins extorting money from Mohan. According to Mohan’s acquaintance, he too desires a fling with Ranjana. Only on the ullu app, watch “Damaad Ji Season 2” to see what happens next.

Charmsukh Kamar ki Naap (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Kajari, a newlywed, is the main character in Kamar ki Naap. Although Kajari does not know how to sew, her mother-in-law advises her to. Kajari’s spouse appoints Chinki as a tailoring instructor. Kajari learns how to tailor from Chinki. Both parties enter into a physical relationship after falling in love.

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

One day, Kajari’s spouse witnesses Chinki and Kajari having a makeout session. To find out what will happen next, view Charmsukh Kamar ki Naap. In the web series Kamar ki Naap, Aayushi Jaiswal plays Kajari.

Chaar Saheliyan 2022 (Voovi)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Four buddies tell their story in Chaar Saheliyan. Every friend has aspirations. One of these girls marries, yet even after her marriage, her yearning is unfulfilled. We are all planning to have makeout sessions with our different lovers in the same room. To learn the entire narrative, watch “Chaar Saheliyan” on Voovi.

Hotspot Fantasy Call (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Namit, a little boy, is the protagonist of Hotspot Fantasy Call. Namit likes to converse with women. The “fantasy call company” is called, and he obtains the girl’s phone number. From there, he obtains Sneha’s phone number.

Namit and Sneha end up being close friends. Sneha once asks Namit to have a makeout session at her residence. A man arrives brandishing a knife as soon as they are in close proximity. To learn more about this individual, use the ullu app to watch the web series Hotspot Fantasy Call.

Hotspot Charr Charr 2021 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

The narrative of Mudit and Chanda, a newlywed couple, is told in Charr Charr. Their bed makes a lot of noise whenever Mudit and Chanda make love. Chanda requests that Mudit sell the bed once she grows tired of it.

When Mudit shares this information with his friend, the latter informs Mudit about a website where he can sell his bed. Through that app, Mudit receives a terrific offer, but Mudit falls victim to a scam. See “hotspot charr charr” to get the complete tale.

Palang tod damaad Ji (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

The tale of Kumud and Mohan is presented here. The doctor advised Mohan to rest after his accident. In order to take care of Mohan, Kumud invites her mother, Ranjana, to her home.

Mohan grows to appreciate his mother-in-law. Ranjana develops feelings for Mohan as well. Mohan and Ranjana start dating physically. See “Palangtod damaad Ji” to find out what happens next.

Samne Wali Khidki 2022 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Ashish and Neha’s love story is told in Samne Wali Khidki. Both marry their respective partners after falling in love. After a while, Neha develops feelings for Ashish and begins an affair with her boss. Ashish grants her a divorce once he learns about her wife.

Ashish moves into his flat by himself. Anita, a girl, decides to stay in the structure next to Ashish one day. Ashish develops feelings for Anita. In the bedroom, Anita and Ashish have a private moment. Anita leaves the residence after filming Ashish in a private setting. Watch the next new online series of the ullu app Samne Wali Khidki to find out what will happen next.

Pyasi Pushpa 2022 (Digimovieplex)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

The tale of Pushpa, a young widow, is told in Pyasi Pushpa. Pushpa marries a man named Pritam in order to live. After being married, it becomes clear that Pritam is not active. Pushpa’s need for physical is not satiated.

Titu is the name of the son of Pritam. Pushpa captures her stepson so she can satisfy her needs with him. Pushpa and Titu are making out one day when Pritam enters. Watch “Pyasi Pushpa” to find out what happens next in the story.

Walkman Web Series 2024 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

This is the tale of a young woman who harbours strong desires. That woman marries. Her spouse doesn’t have relations with her while they are on their honeymoon. Even after many months, the girl’s needs are not met by the spouse. The girl conducts affairs with several boys in the community to satisfy her requirements because her wants aren’t being met.

Charamyog 2022 (Primeplay)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

The tale of a village with a ceremony is called Charamyog. The villagers send their single girls to spend the night with the boys in accordance with the custom. The girl and boy can get married if she likes him. Watch the “Charamyog” web series from Primeplay to get the full tale.

Lady Finger 2022 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

This is the tale of a pair who are not in love with one another. Dev, the husband, is in a desperate attempt to separate from Divya. The affair that her husband is having is revealed by Divya to her friend Janhvi. She is advised by Janhvi to introduce a new girl into Dev’s life. Wait till this web series premieres to find out what happens next.

Double Kaand 2022 (Cineprime)

Double Kaand Web Series

This is the tale of a young woman who develops feelings for an elderly man. Although he has a sizable estate, that man is aged. This girl defrauds her lover and engages in personal contact with the elderly man. Wait till this web series premieres to find out what happens next.

Charmsukh Bidaai 2022 (Ullu Web Series)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

This is the tale of Chameli, a girl who wed a man from a different city. Ten days later, Chameli returns home. Chameli refuses to accompany her husband when he goes to fetch her from her mother’s place. She claims that when Chameli’s husband tries to reason with her, he is unable to appease her. The mother is informed by Chameli that her husband is impotent.

To demonstrate his point, Chameli’s husband engages in physical contact with a rural girl. Chameli visits the local physician one evening. Her spouse walks after her. At that point, Chameli’s husband is aware that she is having an affair with the local physician. In front of the entire community, that doctor declares Chameli’s husband to be impotent.

Pinky Darling 2022 (Hunt Cinema)

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

This is the tale of Pinky. Pinky spends both the day and the night in front of Chandani’s neighbours. Pinky receives a call from four buddies who want to date. One of these friends begins dating Pinky’s sister. Pinky is abducted by the boy in order to keep her out of the business. To find out what happens next, watch the Pinky Darling web series only on the Hunt Cinema app.

Pichese Season 2 2022 (Rabbit)

Piche se part 2 rabbit movies

The tale of three young pals who can’t suppress their inclinations is called Pichese. Together, the friends devise a scheme to ensnare three distinct girls in their affection. To see what happens next, use the Rabbit app to watch the online serial Pichese.

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Aayushi Jaiswal Net Worth

Aayushi Jaiswal has a net worth of between $65,000 and $2,000,000. Acting and modelling are her main means of income. She is predicted to advance in her career due to her rising popularity.

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