Adipurush Review: Read These Tweets Before You Go To Watch Adipurush Vfx


Adipurush Review: The mythical play Adipurush, which had a massive budget of Rs. 500 crores, has finally been released in theatres. An eagerly anticipated film will tell the Ramayan, a Hindu epic. Prabhas, a South Asian superstar, plays Ram in the movie. Sita is portrayed by Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, Lakshman by Sunny Singh, and Ravan by Saif Ali Khan.

Over one lakh tickets were sold by PVR in the Indian market alone as a result of the film’s phenomenal opening weekend. Ramayan is known to almost everyone in India, thus it seems sense that there will be a sizable audience for the film nationwide. However, did the film live up to their hopes?

Adipurush Review: Read These Tweets Before You Go To Watch Adipurush












Speaking about Adipurush, industry expert Taran Adarsh said,

“For me, the most important thing is not Prabhas, Kriti Sanon or Saif Ali Khan. For me, it is Ramayan, and it is a very strong emotion. Everything else is secondary”

According to sources, the movie’s opening day earnings were higher than those of Pathaan. Adipurush is a special effects-heavy movie that has been released in a number of different languages. The film’s creators revised both the VFX and the finished product before releasing it. Audience members who have previously seen Adipurush have had a variety of reactions to it. Several industry observers predict that Adipurush will easily surpass the Rs 50 crore threshold on the first day of its release.

Producer and industry expert Girish Johar remarked,

“It ought to debut on 4,000 screens. In some places, shows start as early as five in the morning. That implies that the box office dynamics will be very much in force. I predict that Adipurush will open to between Rs 40 and Rs 50 crore across all languages, which will undoubtedly place the movie in the top ten greatest-grosses across all languages.

The movie has been described as a “Marvel kind of Ramayan” and as having “third-class VFX” by several reviewers.

Many people criticised the Adipurush teaser for having subpar special effects, but the movie’s trailer was promising. While some viewers adored the film, others thought it was pointless. The first half of the film appears promising, but the second does not live up to expectations, in the opinion of the viewers.