Adipurush VFX: 10+ VFX Scenes From ‘Adipurush’ That Are So Bad


Adipurush Vfx: Adipurush was the most talked-about movie on social media even before it opened in theatres. Despite the film’s massive budget, it received criticism for its subpar VFX. People naturally expected VFX on those levels as it has been stated that this Prabhas and Kriti Sanon starred film was made on a budget of 600 crores, but Om Raut’s team’s work has been a flop. Despite the release being postponed and the VFX being purportedly under construction.

On social media, some expressed their dissatisfaction. Some criticised the portrayal of Ravan, Hanuman, and Vanar Sena as being very different from how they were portrayed in the original Ramayana. Many criticised the VFX and claimed that Ra. One and Brahmastra performed far better.

Adipurush VFX: These VFX Scenes From ‘Adipurush’ That Are So Bad