AI Fixes Adipurush Characters, Re-imagined Looks & Fans Are Loving It. Viral Images


Adipurush, a recently released film, is getting a lot of attention. Sadly, not always for the best motives. While critics are criticising the film for its subpar VFX, the story does not stop there. A lot of people are also criticising the awkward dialogues and the awful representation of the Ramayana. In the midst of all of this, AI artist Sahid released a stunning collection of images that reinterpret the Adipurush figures. You will be mesmerised by these sets of sophisticated imaginations, which include Prabhas’ Raghava, Kriti Sanon’s Janaki, and others.

The internet is flooded with sophisticated AI-generated photos of the Adipurush characters.

A movie called Adipurush is based on the Ramayana, an ancient narrative. Raghava, Janaki, Shesh, Lord Hanuman, and Lankesh are among the film’s main characters. Sadly, a lot of people did not like how these characters were portrayed in the film and thought they had defects. Sahid, an AI artist, flawlessly reimagines all of these recognisable characters while also fixing Adipurush.

Popular AI artist Sahid, who has carved out a place for himself in the realm of digital art, recently published some astounding graphics on Instagram. He posted a collection of fascinating images showing Kriti Sanon’s Janaki and Prabhas’ Raghava in a much more seductive light. Fans have gone wild over the way he has honed all the key characters!

The collection of photos includes Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh, Devdatta Nage as Lord Hanuman, Sunny Singh as Shesh, parts of Prabhas as Raghava, and Kriti Sanon as Janaki.

1. Prabhas as Raghava

2. Kriti Sanon as Janaki

3. Sunny Singh as Shesh

4. Devdatta Nage as Lord Hanuman

5. Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh

Check out the viral post below

These fascinating visuals were made by AI artist Sahid using Midjourney. This application’s cutting-edge technology deserves the highest commendation. He has utilised Midjorney in addition to the well-known programme Adobe Photoshop. Fans like these pictures so much that they want Sahid’s creations to be exactly like the characters in the movies.

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Here are the reactions of fans to these bizarre AI graphics.

That certainly demonstrates the power of AI. Surely not?

What do you think of these elegant depictions of the Adipurush characters? Do you adore them as much as the internet community does? What do you think of the film? Please comment below with your ideas.