5 Akshay Kumar Controversies That Will Surprise His Fans


Akshay Kumar has always dazzled audiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s comedy, action, mystery, thriller, or anything else! He looks good in any genre and slays. However, there are disputes around him, because what is Bollywood without controversy?

A few of such controversies are down below:

1. The Runway Fiasco

Akshay was on a runway in March 2008, exhibiting a denim brand to promote a new denim launch. Everything was going swimmingly until he approached his wife while under the limelight. Twinkle Khanna, Akshay’s wife, unzipped his pants.

There was no context provided. It appeared to be incredibly obscene, and word quickly spread.

2. Akshay Kumar Citizenship Controversy

Because of his Canadian citizenship, the actor has always had to deal with haters. When he didn’t vote in the Lok Sabha election in 2019, people began to mock him even more for being a Canadian with a Canadian passport.

“I don’t understand why people are so interested in my citizenship and are so negative about it. As a response to the unwanted trolls and comments, he tweeted, “I have never concealed or denied that I carry a Canadian passport.”

3. Good Newz Controversy

In the film Good News, Akshay was debating the names of his children. “Mere Bache Ka Naam Hola Ram Hai Kyunki Wo Holi Pe Paida Hua Tha,” he joked, and Kumar responded, “Acha Hua Aapka Bacha Lohri Pe Paida Nahi Hua.”

This wreaked havoc on the social media landscape. People were furious with Akshay for hurting their feelings.

4. Rustom Movie Controversy

The film Rustom, of course, brought tears to people’s eyes and made them feel a flurry of emotions all at once. The uniform he wore there was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to animal welfare, he said. People were offended by that as well! He claimed to be labelling the costume as an actual uniform. After that, he explained that everything had been organised for a good cause.

People need to take a chill man.

5. Akshay Kumar & Mallika Dua Controversy

Akshay Kumar & Mallika Dua Controversy

“AAP bell bajao, main aapko bajata hai,” Akshay allegedly shouted to Malika Dua during a show. Malika’s father Vinod scolded him for his disrespectful behaviour and ordered him to leave.