Pranitha Subhash Husband: South Actress Responds To Trolls For Touching Husband’s Feet


Pranitha Subhash’s Husband: In the South Indian film business, Pranitha Subhash is one of the well-known names. The actress has a sizable fan base because she works mainly for Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam films. The 30-year-old actress is a proud Sanatani who doesn’t hesitate to uphold the culture’s traditions and customs.

The actress recently shared a stunning image of herself participating in the Bheemana Amavasya rite on Twitter. Pranitha is pictured performing the pooja while seated at her husband’s desk. A handful of online users teased the actress for doing this last year. She responds to the trolls in style this year.

Internet users criticised Pranitha Subhash for performing Bheema Amavasya last year, labelling the performance as “misogynistic.”

One of the well-known Hindu holidays, Bheemana Amavasya, is celebrated throughout South India, primarily in Karnataka. During this holiday, married ladies mostly perform puja for their spouses’ long and healthy lives. On his Twitter account, actor Pranitha Subhash recently posted clips of ceremonial performances from this occasion.

Pranitha is seen sitting at her husband Nitin Raju’s feet in the shared photo, sporting a stunning yellow salwar suit. Pranitha is seen stroking and placing flowers on his feet in the photograph.

It is safe to say that the actress doesn’t just appear joyful as she goes through this lovely process. The same conduct, though, last year sparked a group of online users who called it “misogynistic.”

Not just misogynistic, netizens even wrote as we quote,

“This is the worst form of slavery, privileged women with internalised patriarchy cause maximum damage to women’s progress.”

Pranitha responded politely to each and every troll.

Opening up about the criticism and hostility Pranitha had last year, she responded to all of her trolls in a very nice manner. She responded by stating that this event and the performance, in which she watches her husband play while sitting at his side, are of “great significance to me.” As we quote the actress from her caption,

“Offering puja on the occasion of #BheemanaAmavasya this morning. To you, it may be a show of patriarchy (from what I saw last year, with meme pages etc debating this), but to me, it holds great significance.”

The actress concluded her caption as she wrote,

“In #SanatanaDharma, most rituals have a story to back why it is significant. And to argue that Hindu rituals are patriarchal is completely baseless as it’s one of the few faiths where female Goddesses are worshipped equally.”

Here have a look at her Twitter post

Pranitha Subhash and businessman Nitin Raju were married on May 30, 2021, and their daughter Arna was born the following year. In addition, the actress’s most recent appearance was in Bhuj: The Pride of India.

Some Internet users praised the actress’s decision to follow her heart, while others considered it to be “Patriarchal.”

What do you think of her most recent post? Do celebrations like this actually promote patriarchy, or do they have a long history and deserve our respect? Please comment below with your ideas.