Amitabh Bachchan To Katrina Kaif: 14 Bollywood Actors Whose Debut Movies Were Big Flops


Many seasoned performers have had their fair share of dud films throughout their early acting careers. While some of the industry’s talented actors have given us some magnificent treasures, many others have made their debut with failed films.

And today, we’ve compiled a list of actors whose first films were disasters. Continue reading.


1. Ranbir Kapoor – Saawariya

With this romantic drama, the actor made his acting debut, although he had to wait a long time for success. Even the lavish scenery and towel dancing couldn’t salvage the film, which was a financial disaster.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

2. Aditi Rao Hydari – Delhi 6

Despite its failure at the box office, this picture has been hailed as one of the best in our business, because to its unique storyline and outstanding soundtracks. With her outstanding acting abilities, the actress became an instant hit with the film’s audience. However, the film was a commercial failure.

Source: iDiva

3. Salman Khan – Biwi Ho To Aisi

This film marked Khan’s debut as the protagonist’s pampered brother, with the proper mix of humour and drama. Despite the film’s failure at the box office, it permanently imprinted the actor’s name on the silver screen.

Source: Aaj Tak

4. Katrina Kaif – Boom

This black comedic thriller, which marked the actor’s feature film debut, was leaked ahead of time and bombed at the box office. Interestingly, the actor filled up for model Meghna Reddy at the last minute.

Source: Reddit

5. Aditya Roy Kapur – London Dreams

Despite having magnificent surroundings and a decent star cast, this musical drama was a commercial catastrophe. While Kapur is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive actors, he had to wait a few years to achieve recognition.

Source: YouTube

6. Rani Mukerji – Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat

With this flop drama, the actor, who has had multiple blockbuster blockbusters throughout her career, made her cinematic debut. In reality, the film featured a cringe-worthy scenario in which the actor falls in love with and marries her rapist.

Source: Cinestaan

7. Emraan Hashmi – Footpath

Despite the fact that the actor has had multiple hits in his acting career, he made his film debut with this dud. Despite having a compelling plot and a good background score, the film failed to engage its audience and bombed at the box office.

Source: 5GMobileStores

8. Shraddha Kapoor – Luv Ka The End

This comedy-drama marks the actor’s acting debut, loosely based on Wild Cherry (2009) and John Tucker Must Die (2006). Despite receiving mainly excellent reviews upon its release, the film was a box office disappointment.

Source: IMDb

9. Akshay Kumar – Saugandh

After making his acting debut in this romantic action drama, the actor had to wait longer to establish himself in the profession. Surprisingly, the actor signed the film Deedar (1992) first, but it was released first.

Source: IMDb

10. Madhuri Dixit Nene – Abodh

That’s right. Even this legendary actor had her debut in a failed film. The actor played the lead in this film, which revolved around a naive and childish woman. Tapas Paul, a Bengali actor, made his Bollywood debut in this film.

Source: Hindustan Times

11. Saif Ali Khan – Parampara

This action love drama, in which the actor made his acting debut, was a commercial flop. The plot, acting, and music of the film were all harshly condemned. Interestingly, filmmaker Yash Chopra wanted to cast Ayub Khan as the part before Khan. However, it was doomed to fail.

Source: ETV

12. Kajol – Bekhudi

Despite having a number of well-known performers at the time, this film failed to make an impression on its audience. In this film, the actor made her acting debut in the part of Radhika.

Source: YouTube

13. Amitabh Bachchan – Saat Hindustani

This action film was the renowned actor’s acting debut, and it was based on the heroic story of seven hindustaanis who strive to free Goa from Portuguese colonial oppression. Despite its box office failure, the film won several honours, including the National Film Award, the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration, and the National Film Award for Best Lyrics (Kaifi Azmi).

Source: Indian Express

14. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja – Saawariya

This musical drama marked the actor’s debut, with sumptuous staging and foot-tapping music. Needless to say, the film bombed at the box office, as did the actor’s debut career.

Source: Pinkvilla

Which of the actors named is your favourite?