Anand Mahindra Was Asked About Competition With Tata Motors, His Reply Is Winning Hearts


Anand Mahindra is an industrialist who often tweets interesting articles about intellectual pursuits, goals in life, and Indian corporate culture. The chairman of the Mahindra Group is one of those public figures who enjoys interacting with his fans and answering their questions about a range of subjects, including his age and credentials. His comments are frequently appreciated and have gone viral on numerous social media platforms.

This time, Tata Motors, a competitor four-wheeler maker, questioned Mahindra. His retort, as usual, is directed against the idea of using social media to generate buzz. Therefore, let’s learn more about it:

Harinder S. Sikka, a well-known author and naval officer, praised Mahindra’s newest car, the XUV700, on July 9 for its safety and other characteristics. He tweeted the following:

 Replying to his tweet, chairman Anand Mahindra wrote,

“The best endorsements are from people with no bias-for or against-via a random encounter with the vehicle. Thank you for making my day Harinder. And my passion can be taken for granted, but it springs directly from the entire auto team, who, in fact, are called #Passioneers”

While his other tweet has gained popularity on social media, it gets far more attention.

Anand Mahindra’s response regarding his rivalry with TATA went viral.

One person inquires in Anand Mahindra’s previously quoted tweet,

“Sir what about your feelings about Tata cars?”

“It’s a privilege to have strong competitors like @TataMotors They keep reinventing themselves and that inspires us to do even better… Competition spurs Innovation..”

Anand Mahindra’s response astounded the world shortly after he sent his tweet. This has led to the tweet receiving more than 850 retweets and more than 14.3K likes. Many individuals left comments on the tweet with their opinions.

Have a look at some of the responses

Last week, Mahindra became a trending topic on Twitter as a result of his response to a user’s query about whether he is an NRI. The Mahindra Group chairman identified himself as an HRI, or “heart (always) resident in India.”