Zomato Response Wins Hearts After Video Of Delivery Agent Carrying His Kids Goes Viral


There are plenty of inspiring stories of tenacity on the internet, despite the world’s growing cruelty and corruption. Every day, there are numerous instances of how resilient people can be. There are many human-interest stories that either inspire us or make us cry because there are more than 8 billion individuals on the planet.

This unique experience of a man who works as a delivery partner for Zomato is sure to stir your heart despite the abundance of inspirational tales about food delivery persons overcoming obstacles to sustain themselves and their families on the internet.


Food blogger Saurabh Panjwani recently shared a video on Instagram in which he introduced his followers to the delivery person who travels with his daughter and son to every delivery site. His Instagram caption read,

“I felt so inspired seeing this. This Zomato delivery partner spends the whole day in the sun with two children. We should learn that if a person wants, he can also do anything.”

On camera, the man is seen fulfilling the command that was given to him. In the backdrop, his son may be seen wandering, and his tiny daughter is restrained to his chest.

Panjwani is also heard in the video asking the delivery man about his family and career, to which the man replies that he carries his daughter and helps with deliveries at work.

The video has more than a million views since it was posted, and people are happy about it. He was able to quickly become popular thanks to this video, which many people have shared.

The delivery kid in the viral video also won Zomato over.

Many people complimented the delivery boy and his dedication to his career and family as soon as the video gained popularity on social media sites. The video gained so much popularity that even the enormous food delivery business Zomato took note of it. Zomato couldn’t help but comment on the video.

Zomato’s response to the video included a request for the delivery agent’s contact information in order to assist the user with childcare benefits. Zomato posted the following in the video’s comment section:

“Please share the order details in a private message so that we can reach out and help out the delivery partner.”

Earlier this month, a video showing a little child working as a Zomato delivery agent went viral online

The meal delivery service, which confirmed this in a statement, claims that the child is 14 years old. The youngster, according to Rahul Mittal, who posted the video on Twitter, is seven years old. After his father’s accident, the child turned to food delivery as a way to support his family.

The company acknowledged the “many infractions” when the video went viral on Twitter, but stated that “the family’s circumstances” prevented them from taking any severe action.


Zomato’s decision to discontinue its “Pro” and “Pro Plus” client programmes has lately garnered headlines. By renaming its Zomato Gold programme to Zomato Pro in 2020, the firm launched Zomato Pro and Zomato Pro Plus. In response to their selection, Zomato released the following statement:


“Please allow us to inform you that Zomato Pro/Pro Plus is unavailable for renewal as we are working on a new experience for you. We will get back with an update soon.”