Onlyfans Model Revealed That Her Son Films Her Content For Her


When it was discovered that her son occasionally films footage for her, an Onlyfans model faced an intense reaction.

Andressa Urach, 35, a former Miss Bumbum model, has made a second visit to the subscription website, but this time she’s brought on a little assistance.

A follower addressed the 18-year-old son of the Brazilian TV celebrity, Arthur Urach, during a recent Instagram Q&A: “Arthur, are you the one who films Andressa’s Onlyfans?”

“Yep, I’m badass with pictures, right?” was his response.

Taking personal pictures of our parents is unthinkable for many of us, yet Arthur seems to have no issue with it. And it seems sense that many individuals are uncomfortable due to this.

This has drawn criticism from the religious community in particular, who blame Andressa for drawing her son into her explicit content.

“You are not ashamed of your mother selling herself, do you film her like this?” someone said. The adolescent said, “I’m not ashamed, I’m very serene with her decision.”

The mother and son were recently seen out and about together at a nightclub, so it’s obvious that they are close. Not content with their night out, Andressa’s ex-husband Thiago Lopes said, “What about a mother who takes her son to a wh**ehouse to watch her mother rub against other men?”

When expressed in that manner…The couple’s other kid, Leon, who is almost two years old, is under Thiago’s custody after a protracted custody fight that lasted for months. Because Urach had previously been associated with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, her online content has garnered a great deal of controversy.

She filed a lawsuit against the organisation in 2020 after leaving the religion, saying they had indoctrinated her and demanding her BR$2 million (£330,000) back. She joined OnlyFans to gain money after a judge denied her plea, and in 2021 she competed in the controversial Miss Bumbum beauty contest.

Urach had promised to convert back to God and deleted her OnlyFans earlier this year.

“I made this decision because God has bothered me with many things and I know that if I die I won’t take anything with me,” she stated, elaborating on her decision to stop watching porn. With God, I’m beginning anew.”

Her devotion to God appears to have been fleeting, as she reactivated her account two months later with the message, “I’m waiting for you, along with the OnlyFans.” Despite the potential for divine intervention, it is unclear if she will stick with OnlyFans this time.