Anusha Dandekar looks jaw-droppingly hot as she steps out of the water in a bikini, Watch


Anusha Dandekar leaves no stone left when it comes to shocking her Instagram followers with bikini photographs and videos. The actress has a large social media following and regularly entertains them with great stuff. Anusha is now on vacation and making the most of her time. And she is always showing off how much fun she is having. Anusha Dandekar posted a video of herself stepping out of a pool in a bikini on Instagram.

Anusha is seen swimming in the ocean in the footage. She’s having a relaxing swim while watching the video. In a blue bikini, the actress flaunts her curves and looks sensuously gorgeous. Dandekar is seen in a blue bikini with cut-outs. Dandekar swims to the ladder and emerges from the water.

“Forever an Ocean girl… always dancing in the mirror, always singing in the shower!” Dandekar captioned the video on Instagram. She even uploaded the video to YouTube with the song Shower playing in the background.

Take a look at the video below:

“Purest soul!” one user said in response to the video. “Wowww U Beauty,” a fan said in the post’s comments section. “Oh Anusha,” another fan wrote in the comments. I adore you… “You just look like a pretty mermaid,” one person said, while another said, “Inspiring woman ever… Anusha, I adore the way you are. “Keep going, lady.”

Anusha, on the other hand, released another video from her holiday. She is seen sprinting in a tube bikini and high-waisted shorts in the video. She’s wearing a cloak over her bikini and jogging with the wind. Dandekar captioned the video, “I can put you in first class…”

Check out the video below:

Dandekar has been continually tweeting photographs and videos of herself from her fun-filled beach holiday over the last few days.