‘Cannot Believe My Eyes’, Adnan Sami’s Massive Transformation At 50 Leaves Fans Stumped Again

source: instagram/adnansamiworld

Do you recall the well-known song Mujhko Bhi Tu Lift Kara De? Adnan Sami became a household name and caused a major stir with this song in the year 2000, when it was on everyone’s lips. He provided several tunes from Tera Chehra and Udi Udi. Sami’s weight at the time, 220 kg, was another factor that caught people’s notice.

Adnan Sami on weighing 220 Kgs

He was far from the ideal size that the business was fixated on. According to Adnan Sami, “Obesity does not imply that a person’s heart is absent. On screen, very few people had actually tried it with the size that I had. Because I believed that everyone had the same legal right to love someone, I was very unapologetic about my size.”

In 2017, Sami’s weight decrease caught people’s attention. He had lost his fat and was a fit 65 kilos.

Why Adnan Sami decided to lose weight

When Adnan Sami made the decision to slim down, he was informed that he would only live for six months. This occurred in 2005, the same year that he underwent surgery for lymphedema. He spent three months in bed. He was overweight, and the fat behind his muscle pressed up against his lungs, making breathing challenging. Already suffering pancreatic cancer, his father. He said he didn’t want to watch his son die in front of him. Adnan had once claimed that liposuction is for those who are overweight, not for someone who weighs 220 kg, in case someone assumed he had a liposuction procedure.

How did Adnan Sami lose weight?

He was an emotional eater, according to Sami. He sought advice from a Houston dietician. He was consuming meals that were loaded with salt, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. He would eat more when he felt bad about it. Bringing 220 kg to the gym could have led to a heart attack. So, after losing 40 kg through a healthy diet, he was told to start working out. Sami was shedding 10 kgs each month thanks to his exercise routine and nutritious diet. He now has a healthy physique after many months and years of perseverance.

As he released pictures from his Maldives holiday, Adnan Sami once more astounded his admirers. He captioned the image, “Just Chilling… Another Paradise.” Fans, though, were perplexed by his changes over the years.

 “I can’t believe my eyes…huge changes,” wrote a fan.

“Ppl get older day by day. Adnan Sami gets younger day by day,” wrote another one.

“Who are youu even? Nd how can someone turn THAT HOT?” asked another one.

“Chinki tu bhuat badal gayi hai re,” wrote another fan.

“Wow, chiseled Jaw line and superb weight loss once again #inspiration,” praised a fan.

“I wanna know his dietitian or nutritionist she is doing a wonderful job,” wrote another curious fan.