Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Could Be His Twin In New Instagram Post


A lot of us are going to face the day someone tells us that we look like our ancestors. It starts when we’re just babies for some of us and others will grow into the face of their mom or dad.

He’d got there through a strict workout regime for Joseph Baena.

Joseph is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger along with Mildred Baena, his former housekeeper.

Joseph, 22, has been nominated for the “#classicchallenge” where Instagram users who love bodybuilding mimic the classic poses of Arnold in bodybuilding. Anyone who wanted to challenge Joseph to this undoubtedly found the winner.

This is the shot he shared.

“Got nominated by @dakota Stinson for the #classicchallenge, so HERE You GO! I nominate @mattmichaelk @zachandrews & @bradleymartyn to hit your favourite classic pose!” he wrote alongside that very familiar shot.

It was compared to this iconic shot of his father.

“Arnold 2.0 no question,” commented one of Joseph’s followers on his picture while another said, “Start looking like your dad! ”

“Like father, like son,” read another comment.

“A legacy that looks like it will carry on and maybe even exceed the predecessor … I’m really excited and look forward to seeing your rise …” one analyst wrote.

Obviously, Joseph isn’t the only celebrity kid who could start a double act.

The daughter of Reese Witherspoon, Ava, is basically a replica of her mom, which is not something that has gone unnoticed by the general public, who have been calling her mom the “mini-me” since she was a child.

John Legend may also have access to the secret Hollywood cloning facility.

John’s son Miles is his dad’s spitting image. This bodes well for the future of Miles, given that his dad was called People’s Sexiest Man Alive only recently.

If he had earned that when he was younger, I’d be much happier looking like my brother.