8 Times Disney Animators Should’ve Gotten a Medal for Their Hard Work That We Didn’t Even Notice


Disney certainly seeks to aim for the stars nowadays, paying careful attention to the consistency of its animation, investing millions on adding the tiniest info. We don’t even note any of them, but they all add to our viewing experience, allowing us to forget the real world as soon as we turn the movie on and never want it to stop.

1. For Frozen II, the images of what the characters see in their eyes are clear.

2. All data, stitching, and texture of the clothes are noticeable in Frozen II.

3. The wallpaper in The Princess and the Frog shows the character’s true existence.

4. Crosswalks in Zootopia include a motif of zebra.

5. The gargoyles in Notre Dame’s The Hunchback have water stains on them.

6. In Tangled, during the interrogation scene, you can see Rapunzel’s reflection in Flynn’s eyes.

7. Big Hero 6’s action is set at the fictitious San FranTokyo. There’s a combination of the Golden Gate Bridge and the typical Japanese torii in there.

8. In Zootopia the dollar bills have bucks on them.