10 People Whose Crazy Luck Totally Left Us Bewilder


Imagine dropping the car keys almost into the drain, but getting rescued or getting a free upgrade to Business Class. While it might sound very unrealistic, when they needed it the most and they shared their stories with the world, some people out there were blessed with the greatest luck.

1. “Hanging on by a thread literally.”

© agroyle / Reddit

2. “Today I have been a bit too lucky (that’s a sewer and my car key).”

© ZSnake / Reddit

3. We were lucky enough to use the same wedding truck that my grandparents used 66 years ago for theirs.

© RomulusRuss / Reddit

4. My dad was flying, but it crashed with the engine. He was capable of landing in a field and no one was injured.

© 27_walruses / Reddit

5. Best mates from kindergarten’s first day to our last year in college and working together.

© Scottydew93 / Reddit

6. On an Emirates flight, my girlfriend and I got a Business Class upgrade and were able to fly like a royalty.

© RandomAsianGuy / Reddit

7. My house has a view of the State Building of the Empire and … I’m a little fascinated.

© davlar4 / Reddit

8. “I was able to attend the Star Wars World Premiere and got to take selfies with all of the cast.”

© hollowplague / Reddit
© hollowplague / Reddit

9. “Set a Guinness World Record in eight hours by collecting 887 four-leaf clovers.”

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10. Captured 4 generations of our family in one wonderful photo.

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