Baddies East Auditions: Baddies East Cast, Baddies East Release Date


The much-anticipated return of Baddies has been officially confirmed for a new season, and the show’s executive producer, Natalie Nunn, recently revealed that filming will take place on the East Coast. Since its initial launch on the Zeus network a few years ago, this wildly popular series has consistently been a major topic of discussion.

Details about auditions for Baddies East have also been made public. The Baddies franchise has already seen three successful seasons, each corresponding to its shooting location: the inaugural season, Baddies ATL (2021), featured scenes filmed entirely in Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequent seasons, namely Baddies South (2022), Baddies West (2023), and the upcoming Baddies East (2023–2024) took the form of road trips, exploring various regions across the United States.

Baddies East Series

Baddies is an American reality show that centres around a group of young women cohabitating while organizing various promotional events, often marked by intense verbal and physical confrontations. Notably, some members of the Baddies group, including executive producers Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas, were previously featured in Bad Girls Club.

The show’s inception traces back to an episode of The Conversation on Zeus in December 2020, featuring actors from the cancelled Oxygen series Bad Girls Club. The first episode of Baddies aired on the Zeus Network on May 16, 2021, with Natalie Nunn consistently starring in all three seasons. Each season of Baddies is named after the city where it was filmed.

Following the announcement of the new season, Baddies East, a two-part audition special premiered in June 2023, offering viewers insights into the casting process for the upcoming instalment.

Where is Baddies East filmed?

On September 17, 2023, the Zeus Network debuted the fourth season of Baddies, which is formally called Baddies East. Filming for the season is done throughout the Eastern United States.

baddies east auditions

“Baddies East” held auditions on May 12th, 2023, drawing many enthusiastic young women aspiring to join the show. Fans eagerly attended the auditions, hoping to see their favourite stars and observe the selection process firsthand. The panel of judges, featuring Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose, and Tokyo Toni, played a pivotal role in identifying the contestant most fitting for the role of the show’s antagonist from the thousands of girls competing for the position. The auditions were captured on film and are set to be broadcast on The Zeus Network, adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming season.

Where To Watch Baddies East?

Zeus Network is where you can watch the Baddies East. These days, one of the most well-liked VOD services is the Zeus Network. Zeus Network, Roku, Vudu, and Apple TV+ all offer the show.

When Were The Auditions Held For Baddies East?

On June 18, 2023, at 8 p.m. EDT, The Zues Network announced the Baddies East auditions. Natalie Nunn unveiled the show’s trailer on May 28, 2023.

Baddies East held their auditions in the nation’s capital on May 12, 2023. The auditions will also be televised on the Zeus Network. The official Baddies: West page now features the 58-second audition trailer for Baddies: East.

Which Baddies is first?

Filming for Baddies ATL (2021)’s inaugural season took place solely in Atlanta, Georgia. Baddies East (2023), Baddies West (2023), and Baddies South (2022) were the following seasons that were filmed while travelling around their various parts of the United States.