10 Beauty Secrets on Instagram That Are Actually Genius


Instagram has long since stopped being a place to post selfies and vacation photos. There is currently a wealth of beneficial information and ideas available there.

we discovered 18 tips for appearing attractive every day. You’ll be left wondering how you ever got by without them!

To repair your underwire bra, use a moleskin patch.


Use only a hair band to curl your hair.


For a few hours or overnight, simply tie your hair up in a hair band.

Make huge eyes appear smaller and small eyes appear larger.


Make your lower lids appear larger by applying white eyeliner to the waterline. Make your eyes appear smaller by using a dark eyeliner.

Make your mascara look more vibrant.


To make your mascara stand out even more, use a little white eyeliner.

Make good use of your old eye shadow.


If you have any leftover eye shadow, you can make a fresh lipstick by mixing it with a small bit of Vaseline.

Make your hair appear to be fuller

Apply a shade of eye shadow that matches your hair colour down your hairline.

Brushes may be cleaned without difficulty.


Simply combine a little olive or mineral oil and some dish soap in a 1:1 ratio. Rinse well with water after washing.

Obtain the ideal lashes


When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, use a regular spoon. The final product will be considerably cleaner and more appealing!

Make a basic brush case with your paintbrushes.


It only takes five minutes and costs next to nothing.

Repair a palette that has become faulty.


Grind it up, then blend in a drop of spirit. Now squish it with a hard object. It’s brand new!