12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women Naturally Charming


Every nation’s ladies have unique techniques for maintaining their youth and beauty. But French women, like Audrey Tautou, who manage to appear 18 at the age of 42, have the most inherent appeal in the entire world. Of course, there are no tricks that work for everyone, but there are some important habits that French women have that keep them attractive at any age.

12. They don’t use contouring.

Because contouring obscures the face’s natural characteristics and appears unnatural, French ladies dislike it. They do enjoy dabbing a little bronzer on their cheekbones to seem healthy and radiant.

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11. They don’t bother about imperfection.

Nearly all French ladies love a little messiness in their style, as you can see if you look closely at them. It may be their hair, their accessories, like a scarf, or the way their clothing is put together. This enables them to appear unforced and unfettered, as though they are naturally attractive.

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10. They prefer red lips.


Red lipstick is usually a good option for enhancing your appearance. Parisian women are adamant that it makes no difference what you’re wearing—you may be sporting ripped jeans and a T-shirt or a dress and a large hat. However, wearing red lipstick instantly improves any appearance.

9. They don’t get French manicures.

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The “perfect manicure,” which takes hours to complete, is never seen on genuine French women. Because doing so would imply that spending a great deal of effort and money on something so minor was genuinely necessary.

Parisian women believe it is needless because they were born gorgeous and won’t spend hours on such a frivolous matter. As a result, short nails with clear polish or no varnish at all are the most common nail style among French women. Their pedicure is the same.

8. They have a hair styling secret.

French women avoid using a flat iron or a hair dryer every day in order to avoid damaging their hair. Most of the things they use are pricey, and each one of them has a particular hair mask, hair oil, and hairbrush made of natural materials.

In France, hair is treated as follows: it is washed, allowed to air dry, and then styled the following day once it has become smooth.

7. Their makeup bag is not full of products.

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Only two lipsticks are used by French women: one is natural and the other is red for special occasions or an evening out.

To make their complexion glow, they decide to use a foundation and a little powder. However, they don’t reapply it every hour, mainly to avoid looking like a plastered wall. A little shine is expected on healthy skin. They find this to be lovely and organic.

Only mascara on the eyelashes is considered eye makeup. They might add a smoky, sloppy eye appearance in the evening. But with that French sense of clutteredness, it is meant to be imperfect.

So, a good foundation, a powder with sheen, mascara, an eyeliner, and two lipsticks make up the six items that a French woman carries in her luggage. That’s a suggestion that everyone should attempt!

6. They spend good money on haircuts.

French women are certain of one thing: you can dress in clothing priced at €10 and no one will ever know it, but one cheap haircut will ruin your appearance forever. They are willing to spend a fortune on a skilled hairstylist because of this, and they frequently return to the same person.

Additionally, a nice haircut doesn’t require any maintenance, so you only need to style your hair on extremely exceptional occasions.

5. They have a simple beauty routine.

A French woman requires pricey cosmetics like a decent face cleanser, sunscreen, and a moisturiser if there is one thing she absolutely must have. They frequently include several oils for the body and hair in this list.

Women in France like to abide by the adage “less is more.” They don’t use many cosmetics, but the ones they use are pricey.

Therefore, French ladies don’t particularly use peels, which are used all over the world. They prefer masks, apply them frequently, and use a variety of them since effective masks replenish and renew the skin.

4. They believe in natural eyebrows.

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You will never see a true French woman with extraordinarily thick, unnaturally dark eyebrows. Instead, they take good care of their eyebrows to maintain their size, thickness, and health.

Though most of the time they don’t even do that, they could lightly conceal their brows. For style, they merely apply a little gel.

3. They don’t diet.

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In their right minds, none of the French women would ever begin a diet. They are positive that a calorie deficit’s short-term effects are not only not worth the effort, but would also harm the skin due to a deficiency in vitamins.

They believe that eating moderately is the key to having a gorgeous figure. They consume anything they choose but in moderation. And when they are satisfied, they just stop eating rather than feeling compelled to finish the meal.

However, French women do make an effort to limit their intake of sugar because it ruins their skin. They do not, however, avoid foods that are high in fat.

2. They believe in the power of cold showers.

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After a hot bath, French women understand the value of taking a cold shower. As a result, blood circulation is boosted and the skin is kept toned. They always appear cold and fresh as a result.

1. They accept themselves as they are, flaws and all.

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Plastic surgeons are not frequently required for French ladies. In Paris, it’s extremely uncommon that you’ll run into an actress, a model, or a fashion blogger with a false nose, hollow cheekbones, or filler-filled lips.

French women are taught to accept their shortcomings as part of who they are. This is what makes them unique and vibrant. Because of this, French women are constantly able to draw attention to their advantages and distinctiveness.

Do you practise any family heirloom beauty secrets that have been passed down through the generations? Give them to us!