15 Best Romantic Anime Movies That Will Pull Every String Of Your Heart


The romance subgenre has an unmatched dominance in the world of anime. Aside from the numerous fantastic romantic anime series, there are a number of films that have expertly depicted every variation of love. Your understanding of love will undoubtedly improve after watching these swoon-worthy anime films. The world will begin to appear to you in rainbow colours, as it should. It is hardly surprising that Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki’s films are heavily represented on this list. As you watch some of the greatest and best romantic anime films ever, get ready to be embraced by the pure adorability and magnanimity of the genre.

So, ready to fall in love?

1. Your Name

Japanese name- Kimi no Na Wa

Never before had a love story been so heartbreakingly excellent. Prepare to enter a world that is very different from the one we see but that has felt very close to our own. You’ll be captivated by this Makoto Shinkai marvel from the get-go, not just for the beautiful animation but also for the ingenious storyline. You cannot categorise a movie like this under a single category. It is a harmonious blending of all that is true and good. Radwimps‘ incredible music will just leave you speechless and enthralled. It is without a doubt the greatest love story in an anime film.

2. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Japanese name- Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

Alert for tears! The name definitely has a spooky vibe to it. But don’t let the title of this film fool you. The meaning of the term is revealed when you watch the film, however, it is based on an old Japanese superstition. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. In the hospital waiting area, a boy discovers a classmate’s secret diary and learns that she has a terminal pancreatic disease. He assists Sakura in checking everything off her bucket list before she passes away. As a result, he begins to open up to people and learn the value of friendship. Definitely a sweet love story.

3. The Garden of Words

Japanese name- Kotonoha no Niwa

Contrary to its name, the film conveys a lot of information using few words. It primarily allows Shinkai’s breathtakingly stunning animation to speak for itself. A 15-year-old pupil and a 27-year-old instructor meet in a garden after escaping the web of daily life. In the end, the two find the most poetic method to fill the gaps in one another’s life. The only weird aspect of this incredibly realistic film is that you can actually feel the love and petrichor through the screen!

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4. Howl’s Moving Castle

Japanese name- Howl no Ugoku Shiro

The anime community holds Hayao Miyazaki in high regard. His creations under the illustrious Studio Ghibli label have always been masterworks of excellence. In the novel Howl’s Moving Castle, a wizard named Howl and a young woman named Sophia experiences an extraordinary love affair. The Howl goes above and above in order to break the curse that causes Sophia to age prematurely. One of the most romantic anime movies ever made is this dream movie.

5. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

Japanese name- Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome

A young lady spends an absurdly long night partying and meeting new people in Kyoto in what appears to be a James Joycean tale. She is followed by her senpai, who is deeply in love with her and tries to get her attention in a way that will appear coincidental. If you’re seeking for something new, you must watch this odd romantic comedy animation. The experience is full of wonder because everything about it differs greatly from what we are used to, even the animation.

6. 5 Centimeters per Second

Japanese name- Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru

Do you know how my friend persuaded me to see this one-hour film? He just informed me that cherry blossoms fall from trees to the ground at a rate of 5 cm per second. This film provides you with data in that regard. After forcing you to don the protective clothing of optimism, reality strikes. If love is like spring, why does it have to go through winter first? Makoto Shinkai never lets his fans down.

7. Doukyusei

Japanese name- Doukyuusei

The literal translation of Doukyuusei is classmates. Because of how plainly Shoko Nakamura depicts human emotions in this film, it is regarded as her masterpiece. Rock musician Hikaru Kusakabe chooses to assist his straight-A student classmate Rihito Sajou in his upcoming choral festival performance. The two boys begin to feel attracted to one another. What comes next is a sweet love story that will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings.

8. Whisper of The Heart

Japanese name- Mimi wo Sumaseba

I can guarantee that an epic love tale will begin in a library. Shizuku Tsukishima learns that one particular boy (Seiji) had borrowed all of her favourite books from the library. It makes sense that they would fall in love when they finally met. Shizuku is motivated to have her own dream by Seiji’s tenacity and passion. Yes, the song “Country Road” in its Japanese translation is included in this film.

9. The Wind Rises

Japanese name- Kaze Tachinu

The fictionalised account of Jiro Horikoshi’s life is one of Studio Ghibli’s most exquisite animation romantic films. The main focus, however, is Jiro pursuing his desire of building the notorious Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft and the toll it takes on him rather than romance. The film carries anti-war undertones. Interestingly, Jiro and his wife Naoko Satomi’s beautiful relationship is what makes this movie stand out. You won’t regret viewing this movie, I promise.

10. Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Japanese name- Hotarubi no Mori e

A girl named Hotaru falls in love with Gin, a disguised woodland spirit, in this magical love story. The problem is that Gin would disappear the moment a person touched him. Ah, love, what you can do to people. Speaking of distant relationships, It seems worse now. This beautiful yet sorrowful film will undoubtedly make you cry.

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11. From Up on Poppy Hill

Japanese name- Kokuriko-zaka Kara

The government plans to tear down an outdated school and replace it with a new, contemporary structure in order to prepare for the next Olympic Games. Umi Matsuzaki works with others on the refurbishment of the old structure in an effort to save it. She meets Shun Kazama there and develops a romantic relationship with him. Kazama is actually Umi’s brother, as is made clear by a closer examination of the past. What does love mean in this circumstance? To learn more, view this movie.

12. Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish

Japanese name- Josee to Tora to Sakana-Tachi

A chance encounter brings together Tsuneo, a university student with huge goals, and Josee, a girl with special needs. Tsuneo, a college student slogging his way through, accepts Josee’s grandmother’s offer to take on the role of carer for Josee. It is precise because the plot is so straightforward and endearing that it is so lovable. In the conclusion, you get a fully developed flower garden because the characters grow nicely and the audience grows along with them.

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13. Voices of A Distant Star

Japanese name- Hoshi no Koe

This romantic science fiction film from Makoto Shinkai will undoubtedly blow your mind. Even though it is only 25 minutes long, it has the ability to make you cry throughout that brief time. The year is 2046, and aliens have attacked Earth. Some people are chosen to take revenge on the aliens. They include Mikako Nagamine. She and Noboru Terao are split up as a result, but they agree to stay in touch via email. However, as the distance between the spaceship and Earth grows, so does the time it takes for the other person to receive the mail. Will their relationship endure in such a situation?

14. A Silent Voice

Japanese name- Koe no Katachi

Never before had a tale of salvation been so charming! This film imparts to all of its viewers a crucial lesson about how crucial it might be to pay attention to the unsaid at times. The title of the film is literally translated from its original Japanese as “The form of the voice.” A girl with special needs transfers to another school after being harassed and traumatised by her peers. Years later, one of her tormentors decides to repent of his actions and seek forgiveness; in the process, he falls in love with her. Will she ever hear his voice? To find out, you must see the movie.

15. Weathering With You

Japanese name- Tenki no Ko

What’s up, kotoba mado aru kai? (Can love still accomplish anything?) This query hangs over the entire narrative. This film is the pinnacle of fantasy and another example of Makoto Shinkai’s genius. Tokyo is engulfed in a never-ending downpour. A mysterious girl named Hina, who has the ability to stop the rain, is the only person who can bring about a brief period of brightness. A young man named Hodaka who is struggling to survive in Tokyo falls in love with Hina. The animation is just outstanding! You’ll be astounded by the film’s visual splendour alone, but you’ll be even more amazed by the effect it has on you. This love anime movie, which features Radwimps’ music, is a must-see.

These movies are just so adorable, or kawaii in Japanese. I hope you were inspired and touched by this article to see one of these movies right immediately. Are you new to anime? To get you started, read our article on the top Japanese anime films ever!

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