WTF Photos From The 90s Bollywood Fashion That Will Make You Laugh Really Hard


Do you know that Bollywood is one of the oldest industries that never fails to entertain us?? with time we’ve seen many changes in Bollywood where audience perception has also got changed and that reflects in movies, 90’s Bollywood was something different from now, they gave us amazing movies, song and dialogues but they also gave us something that catches our eyes, we are talking about some funny posters of Bollywood celebrities in which some are too weird and that will make us go Wtf is that.

Today we brought you some 90’s Bollywood poster that will surely make you laugh

Lets Start with this

And one More with Jitender and Shri Devi

Akshay Kumar wearing Swimming Trunks

Shah Rukh Khan was Once part of the funny photoshoot


Juhi Chawla And Govinda Wearing paper


This one was really Epic

Well, we are wondering isn’t that leopard print is too much.


Hahaha, John and Aditi


Another One of Shakti Kapoor

A magazine cover shoot of Rekha

One More

Even Lolo will agree this one is really funny

Haha, BFF goals


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This one is really ‘Awkward’


Pooja went topless during 90’s


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