Bollywood Movies That Inspired Crimes In Real Life


Not all but most of the Bollywood movies definitely leave a huge mark on our lives and we’re trying to adopt new ways of living and learn new tactics to have fun or even develop some bad habits as well because of these movies. Many of the western norms we’ve encountered are from the films and the way actors perform the roles. Similarly, some Bollywood films also depict crime on television, and some people even learn lessons from those films and become criminals just to live the life they see in a film.



Shahrukh Khan is seen as a one-sided lover in this Bollywood movie and, to get his love, he tries to kidnap Kiran (screen name) in the screen and after seeing this movie, many people have tried to connect the character to their real one-sided love and have tried to kidnap the girl. A similar case was recorded in Delhi where a guy attempted to kidnap a girl who worked at Snapdeal. For about a year he stalked her and held track of each and every moment. Police, after he was arrested, said he was trying to live the same life as Darr’s movie.


This Bollywood movie has Abhishek Bachchan and Rani as Bunty & Babli who have tried to trick people to steal money from them and with that money have lived a luxurious life. You would be shocked to learn that in real life, a lot of couples tried to enforce the same loot only trying to imitate the couple on-screen to be cool. In 2013 a couple was arrested in Delhi for looting people and then running away. They have explicitly mentioned the movie Bunty Aur Babli after being asked why they were doing these things. They started doing this all over again after bail and the guy was arrested for that, his wife is still missing to this day.


The fascinating mystery movie stars Ajay Devgan as the lead role who takes influence from the movies and has tried to cover up a mur-der at their residence by her daughter and father. The planning was so strong that towards the end of the film nobody could find the murder. The same incident was tried in Indore, where a politician assassinated a girl and attempted to conceal the assassination by burying a dog body in his backyard to fool the police. But the crime was later uncovered and this was due to an extramarital affair.



Special 26, directed by Naresh Pandey, is an iconic film for both fans and criminals which features Akshay Kumar in the lead role. This film shows a real-life 1987 incident where fake CBI officers attack a businessman and take 35 lakh rupees away. Those cases of people being fake officials and raiding businessmen became very common after the film release in 2013. Mumbai was registered as an example of one such case, where the raid took place and 21 lakhs were looted.



Late Irrfan Khan – Hindi Medium’s highly popular film shows how a family hides its financial status to get admission to a school. A similar story was seen in 2013 when a family uses an EWS certificate (the unprivileged category) and false income certificate to secure the admission of its son with the aid of a fake identity. He lived in a slum and had an annual salary of 67,000, according to the ID’s but in fact, he received in crores and paid rupees lakhs as tax.



The film Khosla ka Ghosla features Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, etc. and shows how, with the aid of false documents, a property dealer takes over property of others. Following the film, a similar case was seen in Delhi where a group of people were acting as agents selling properties of the Delhi Development Authority using the fake paperwork and explaining to people that they were selling the plots at government rates. But later when people learned there was no DDA plot, this was reported and they were caught.



The iconic film of the Indian action genre Dhoom gave rise to the market of Sports bikes. After this movie, Indians became a fan of Superbikes and lots of bike mafia gangs were also formed all over the country. A scene where John Abraham and his gang made a hole in the casino’s wall to loot the money, a similar theft was reported in Kerala where a gang tried to make a hole in the wall of a showroom which was built with a bank on the other side of the wall and looted away 8 crore rupees.



The film features Vivek Oberoi who plays a character of gan-gster Maya who does crimes such as mur-der, extortion, kidn-apping, etc and the way he is shown stylish and his flamboyant look, people got inspired a lot by his role and made him their role model. A similar case was seen in Meerut where a 15-year-old kid kid-naps his friend and demands 50000 rupees for releasing him. After getting caught, he confessed that he was inspired by the movie and he tried to enact his role in real life.