These Top 5 Business Tycoons Spend A Huge Amount On their Security


You have power when you have money! The need for protection comes with strength. Yeah, we are talking about India’s and the world’s super-rich business tycoons. Making sure they remain safe is what they spend on regular or monthly security information. Can you guess who’s going to invest the most?

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Washington Examiner

Each year the Facebook owner raises the cost of his security information. His new expenses are Rs 13 lakh a day.

2. Jeff Bezos

This person, Amazon’s founder, chairman, and chief executive officer, needs a strong security team more than anyone else. His regular cost is around Rs 3 lakh to maintain a proper security detail.

3. Warren Buffett

Very few have ever heard of this American business tycoon, businessman, and philanthropist. He also needs adequate protection to be on the list of the world’s most influential people. The cost goes up to Rs 68,000/day or so.

4. Tim Cook

Business Insider

The new CEO of Apple is also renowned for being an excellent industrial engineer. With a cost of about Rs 40,000 for each day, his security detail is carefully handled.

5. Mukesh Ambani

Zee News

The richest man in India isn’t far behind when it comes to getting expensive security data. He spends around Rs 20 lakh/month on customized vehicles and safety staff. He also enjoys the country’s highest security option available.