10 Stars Who Show Their “Imperfect” Pics and Inspire Us to Be Proud of Our Flaws


Despite the notion that they are held up as ideals of beauty, celebrities are not always flawless. But because there aren’t any unique people, they can take advantage of their peculiar appearances. They also acquired the ability to accept themselves as they are.

We have compiled a list of actors and musicians who have shared their body-related experiences and the triumphs and setbacks they overcame.

1. A scar on Kylie Jenner’s leg is referred to as a “faithful friend.” When she was five years old, a sharp pole cut her.

© kyliejenner / Instagram

2. After undergoing a breast reduction procedure, Ariel Winter is not ashamed to display her two scars. She didn’t try to hide them, so they became a part of her.

© Dan MacMedan / WireImage / Getty Images

3. Olivia Munn chills in this hot summer without feeling afraid of showing her cellulite.

© oliviamunn/ Instagram

4. Ashley Graham loves her skin and isn’t afraid of a few lumps, bumps, or cellulite.

© Mike Coppola / WireImage / Getty Images© ashleygraham / Instagram

5. Selena Gomez has an autoimmune illness that resulted in a scar from a kidney transplant on her tummy, making her more self-assured.

© selenagomez / Instagram© selenagomez / Instagram

6. Scoliosis, a spine ailment, was shown to be present in Princess Eugenie. The Princess has a long scar from her neck down following the procedure.

© princesseugenie / Instagram

7. Mary J. Blige is content to accept her under-eye mark.


8. Queen Latifah has a little scar on her forehead from tripping while playing tag with her brother; it gives her face personality.

© queenlatifah / Instagra

9. After a kidney transplant, Francia Raisa feels unique and different because of the scar on her stomach.

© franciaraisa / Instagram

10. Jessica Simpson enjoying the summertime hair on her legs.

Which of these celebrity success tales most moved you? Can you think of an attractive actor or singer who has unattractive looks?

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