8 Times Celebs Recreated Iconic Movie Scenes and Brought Us Back to the Past


For years, celebrities have been reenacting famous movie moments. They transport us back in time and serve as a reminder of some of the most enduring scenes in movie history. These 8 incidents took us back in time and are likely to make you cry, whether they were lip-syncing to old musical numbers or acting out famous scenarios.

1. Alicia Silverstone recreates her iconic scene from Clueless.

Alicia Silverstone’s iconic scene from Clueless.

2. Tori Spelling recreates a scene from Beverly Hills, 90210 with costars Jennie Garth and Lindsay Price.

3. Sarah Paulson and Lizzo recreated a TikTok trend based on the American Horror Story: Asylum line.

Sarah Paulson and Lizzo recreated a TikTok trend 

4. Ryan Reynolds recreated the “I Swear” scene from the movie Just Friends.

© Just Friends / Inferno Distribution and co-producers© vancityreynolds / Tiktok

5. Jennifer Garner recreated the Aliaspool scene to celebrate reaching 10 million followers on Instagram.

© Alias / Bad Robot Productions and co-producer© jennifer.garner / Instagram

6. Christa Allen recreated the iconic scene from 13 Going On 30.

7. Kim Kardashian recreated Elle Woods’ Legally Blonde admissions video.

8. Iggy Azalea pays tribute to Cher Horowitz in a Clueless-inspired video clip.

Preview photo credit Legally Blonde / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and co-producerKimKardashian / Twitter