Celebrities Who Turned From Plain Ducklings Into Hot Symbols


All of us respect people on the covers of glossy magazines. For others, they’re beauty model, for the others-role model. And few of us know that some of them have traversed a long and thorny self-improvement road.

Chris Pratt

2003, 2017

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The actor assumed in his youth that talent sufficed to be popular. But he learned later that he appeared bad, and then he did a lot of work on himself. Looking now at Pratt, one can’t say he has self-confidence issues.

Katy Perry

1999, 2012

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Katy hasn’t always been content with her female body. She dreamed of the body of a model in her youth, and even wore Spanx panties. But over time she learned to love herself, and proclaimed proudly:

“I don’t have a Kate Moss body, but I’m very proud and happy with mine.” Katy Perry

David Beckham

1995, 2013

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David didn’t think much for his look in his younger days. He was caught up in football and devoted all of his time to it. Only when his name became popular around the world did Beckham begin to work on his image, doing so for the sole sake of the show.

“In soccer, it’s important to have a good hairstyle because lots of people, lots of girls with cameras come to look at you. The success of the game depends on your appearance.” David Beckham


1990, 2012

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Looking at the revealing outfits in her clips and at today’s concerts, one wouldn’t say her body-shamed the singer.

Justin Timberlake

1996, 2016

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“Everything that you’re ridiculed for, everything that makes you as a child strange in the eyes of others, will lead you to adult success,” Justin assures.


1998, 2008

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“We are always finding faults within ourselves,” says Rihanna. She confesses she’s only succeeded in believing in herself. “I’d slouch earlier, put my hands on my knees and sit silently, embarrassed by all.”

Dwayne Johnson

1990, 2016

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Dwayne Johnson began his journey from childhood to self-improvement. He thinks hard work on yourself is the right way to dream.

“Perfect doesn’t exist, but you should kick your ass to reach it… This leads to success.” Dwayne Johnson