An Experienced Cosmetologist Shares 12 Tips to Save You Time and Money

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Evgeniya Dragunskaya is a cosmetologist with 25 years of experience working in the field. She also writes the book, An Honest Talk With The Cosmetologist. It can be said that she works as a human face restorer, removing traces of time. She also has her own Instagram and forum, where she reacts to the trickiest questions and shares youth and beauty secrets.

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Most skin problems are due to nutrition.

Sometimes, skin issues are associated with poor diet sometimes involving a lack of some elements and an excess of others.

  • Skin dryness may be caused by a deficiency of zinc, selenium, vitamins E and D or by a condition known as hypothyroidism, which is the absence of thyroid hormones.
  • Premature ageing can be due to low cholesterol levels, high ferritin levels and triglyceride deficiency. Triglycerides are fats which are the body’s principal source of energy.
  • Demodicosis (or oral dermatitis) is a consequence of the repeated use of gluten and sugar. Acne rosacea is the reaction of dairy products, caffeine, and gluten in the small intestine and pancreas. Seborrhea is a combination of a water shortage and excess carbohydrates. All of these illnesses are characterized by redness in the face.
  • Small frontal crashes are the result of sugar overconsumption.
  • Acne and rashes at the cheeks and chin are a symptom of impaired bile secretion, typically due to excessive dairy products intake.

Why do we get an urge for certain products?

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Evgeniya frequently hears from her patients, “I can’t live without candy, cheese, or meat.” There may be a lack of important elements behind the explanation for this argument. For example:

  • A chocolate urge means a magnesium shortage.
  • An urge for salty or spicy products signifies a serotonin deficiency or low blood pressure.
  • Perversions of the taste, or when people get a desire to eat limes or other “non-products,” suggest a potential iron and zinc deficiency.
  • If a patient says they can’t live without sausage or cheese, it can mean they’re suffering from an emotional anchor, which means they need a psychologist to seek assistance.

A cosmetologist needs to know the body’s condition in order to administer the right treatment, which is why it’s important to do all the necessary tests and correct the diet.

What should you do with swelling under the eyes?

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In fact, swelling under the eyes is fat which loves water and is poorly supplied with blood. If you get this, the following must be done.

  • Using vagotonic eye cream (extract from horse chestnut, red vine leaves, clover, hazel and caffeine) no later than 3 hours before sleep. Using this cream in the morning is safer and apply it with a thick layer and remove any excess cream with tissue 10 minutes later.
  • Do not eat salty and protein products at night. Usually, it is best not to eat something 4 hours before going to sleep.
  • When dealing with the swelling is painful for you, you should remove the fat. For that, consult a plastic surgeon.

Treatments with cucumbers and potatoes do not help the eyes. They simply dry out the skin completely under the eyes. Salon procedures can have a slight effect but are not long-lasting.

What things are worth removing

Some formations on the face and body need to be removed because they weaken the immune system and can cause various diseases. Such formations may relate to the following things:

  • Condylomas are virus formations on a person’s mucosa.
  • Warts are a fungus, which occurs on the feet’s palms and soles as rough growths.
  • Xanthomas are cholesterol production in the skin which looks like dark, rough patches or nodules. They’re most often seen on the eyelids.
  • Keratomas are so-called “senile spots.” The keratomas can become malignant if you keep traumatizing them.
  • Red spots are most commonly papillomaviruses which have not yet fully grown or pigmented.
  • Papillomas are a formation of viruses in the human body.

There should be no ambiguity between papillomas and moles. A mole is a flat pigmented spot not growing above the skin, which is best not to hurt. The majority of those are papillomas. We can occur as a consequence of stress, pregnancy or viral infections. You shouldn’t attempt to cut off a papilloma by yourself— the problem’s “source” will remain inside and the shape will expand again.

The reasons for premature ageing

The ferritin protein is one of the “Youth Hormones.” Ferritin is an iron-storing agent for the body.

Average ferritin levels are 60–80 mcg/litres. When it drops below 50 mcg/litres, several symptoms begin to occur in the body, such as headaches, a sense of fatigue and tiredness, hair loss, brittle nails or poor skin health.

Gastritis, some gastrointestinal tract disease, and ulcers are the principal causes for declining ferritin rates. Also, dairy products avoid the absorption of iron. Women should take iron supplements during menstrual periods because they lose ferritin along with heavy blood loss.

Keep in mind that high levels of ferritin can also induce aggressive ageing, while excessive intake of iron supplements contributes to different diseases.

The reasons for cellulite

Cosmetologists say cellulite exists in the adipose tissue due to fluid retention. Cellulite is never visible at once. The visible cellulite stage is always preceded by many years of an inflamed body condition.

Here are the main reasons for cellulite:

  • Breathing shallow in the thoracic. Many people breathe with their diaphragm, which is why even with varicose veins and excess weight, they don’t have cellulite. When you breathe your abdomen properly, then the suction force of the diaphragm can suck out more lymph than your masseur can do within one week of massage sessions.
  • Fast hydrocarbons and dairy products. Eating a cheese sandwich before going to sleep means 0.5 gallons to 0.8 gallons of water are stored in your body.
  • Dehydration. The body loses fluid when the drinking protocol is disrupted and causes intercellular oedema, which stimulates the process of turning cellulite into clear cellulite.
  • The lifestyle is sedentary. Walking at least 3 days a week for 45 minutes can help speed up the lymphatic system and improve microcirculation. The main thing to remember is to walk at a time in no less than 30 minutes.

Effective methods for fighting cellulite

Drainage procedures work well to fight cellulite:

  • Dermotonia (a vacuum massage with a roller)
  • Ozone procedures
  • Cavitation which destroys the cells that form fat tissue with the help of low-frequency ultrasonic waves
  • Wrapping
  • Press-therapy, a type of massage using compressed air
  • Myostimulation, electrical stimulation of muscles
  • Massage

Keep in mind that such procedures have a temporary effect. Diuretic drugs won’t help get rid of cellulite, they’ll only make the situation worse.

Is it worth spending money on micro-needling in a beauty salon?


Micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure that uses a roller to roll across the nose, with many thin needles. It is used to remove wrinkles. If it is that easy though, why aren’t we all have young, smooth faces?

Wrinkles are scar changes to the skin. Inflammation will appear if you injure a wrinkled area with a needle, chemical peel or treatment with a laser. It stimulates the production of new collagen needed to make the face smooth. Needle treatment also requires an injection into the outer layers of the skin of the required drug. That procedure is called mesotherapy.

If the medical staff can do mesotherapy, it means that micro-needling in a beauty salon is not required. All you do need is to buy a needle roller. That may also be an at-home procedure. It won’t have much of an effect but it will improve the microcirculation and increase the penetration of cosmetic medicine that you are applying to the skin. The main thing to watch out for is an infection which is why chlorhexidine should be used to carefully wash your face and disinfect the roller and needles.

The truth about plasmolifting


Plasmolifting is an injection of the patient’s own blood into plasma. The treatment increases the elasticity of the skin, enhances colour, reduces spots of pigmentation and inflammation and smoothes wrinkles.

Blood tubes also contain a preservative known as heparin. It has a local anti-inflammatory effect, enhances microcirculation, and activates metabolism of the tissue, thus reducing swelling. Thus heparin itself does the same thing that plasmolifting can do.

In any case, try taking the necessary vitamins and reducing your sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy intake.

How often is cleaning the face in a beauty salon necessary?


He skin is a self-cleaning organ that in the absence of disease does not need our help. I’m not thinking about acne where washing transforms into a medical procedure, rubbing out pores. In a general sense, I am thinking about the skin. For starters, we always want to do something with it to lower the visibility of pores.

Indeed, the famous ultrasound cleansing with the help of a special spatula is a Vibro-massage. It has exactly the same effect as scrubbing. If your beauty practitioner is using this method to try to squeeze the acne, it means you are dealing with a self-taught, non-professional person. Beware that you get burns from this.

The same is true of vacuum cleaning. Cleaning is a good way

  • Any clay mask adsorbs dark spots perfectly. There’s no point in squeezing them out because you’ll get them all back the next day.
  • Removing skin unevenness by cleaning it is impossible— it is only peels that can help. In the summer, special all-season skins or masks with acidic properties may be used.
  • Evgeniya prefers an acid peel or exfoliation at least once a month.

Relieving stress without pills


Spa procedures mainly aim to help a person relax, improve blood circulation in the skin, and get rid of subcutaneous fat. This helps to improve the texture of the skin, to eliminate cellulite and to improve and strengthen the body in general.

If you don’t want to frequent beauty salons, you can do an oiling treatment at home. Before taking a shower, add some type of oil to your body, put on a robe you don’t mind staining, and relax for 20-40 minutes. Wash your body with a douche gel after that.

Oil comes with vitamin A. During emotional stress, our liver accumulates retinol while the areas around it become deficient in that element. Once vitamin A is supplied to the surrounding sections, the body feels there is no more pain, and relaxes.

At the same time, there is no point in taking vitamin A for emotional reasons in drugs and supplements. You might end up increasing their concentration in the liver by doing so, making it toxic.

Taking turpentine baths

The physiotherapeutic procedure called balneotherapy can be conveniently done at home. To do this, you need to buy turpentine baths, which is a small emulsion bottle that you can find at the pharmacy. Buy white emulsion only if you have low blood pressure, and yellow if your blood pressure has risen. The white one purifies the body, preserves strength, and slows the ageing process; the yellow one corrects the structure of the body, activates metabolic processes, and restores skin elasticity.

In the evening fill the bath with water at 100 ° F— 104 ° F and dissolve 20 ml of emulsion in it. Get into the shower, and wait on your forehead for the first drop of sweat. It usually shows up 6-15 minutes after you get inside the pool. When nothing happens within 15 minutes, the next day, get out and add 40 ml of emulsion.

Taking a turpentine bath is often accompanied by a strong burning sensation that occurs in the arms and leg bends, as well as the thighs ‘ inner surface. Get out of the bath without rinsing, cover yourself in a robe for a bath and lie under a pillow. That way you can actually sleep, but if you can’t fall asleep, after an hour, take a shower and change your clothes to dry ones.

Which questions do you want a cosmetologist to ask? We would be delighted to hear from you in the comments!

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