Couple’s ‘Suhagraat’ Vlog Goes Viral on Social Media, Fans ‘What’s Left to See?’


A couple’s social media video of their wedding night, or “Suhagraat,” went viral and sparked a firestorm of comments. All cultures and religions agree that the night of the wedding is a very private one for newlyweds. But this specific pair decided to record it and share it with the world, which caused a stir.

The pair are seen talking about their “Suhagraat” in the video, which was posted on Instagram under the username “SaffronSunanda.”

The photo was tagged with “Suhagraat Vlog.” These vloggers are completely insane. In just three days, “Wait for the blurry clip” has received 484K views. Reactions were divided; some called the couple “shameless” and mocked them for their “hunger for internet likes and views.” While some users expressed shock at the lengths people will go to gain online fame, others cracked jokes.

Funny criticisms and personal tales were among the comments. While several users suspected the couple’s celebration was not their first night together, others stated they knew the vlogger from school. Some joked that the video looked like a promo for the well-liked web series Mirzapur.

The video’s viral status has prompted a wider discussion about privacy and the extent people will go to achieve social media stardom.