Mahima Chaudhary’s Daughter Ariana Mukherji Is The New Internet Sensation; She Is Cute and Beautiful


Bollywood has long been noted all around the world for its dance. With their fantastic shows, several notable actors from the 1990s have built a long-term relationship with us.

This list is well recognised for Mahima Chaudhry, one of Bollywood’s talented actresses missing celebrities. The artist gained a lot of fame due to her remarkable abilities and good look. Even though she appeared in famous Bollywood films such as Pardes, Dil Kya Kare, and Dhadkan, among others, Mahima Chaudhry had little success in the industry and fell into obscurity.

Ariana Mukherji


Mahima was born in Darjeeling as Ritu Chaudhry, the daughter of a Punjabi Jat father and a Nepalese mother. She appeared in TV commercials as a young performer before becoming a VJ on major music channels.

Mahima Chaudhry’s Husband

Subhash Ghai, a well-known film director, just watched Ritu and chose to cast her as the female lead in his next film Pardes. According to estimates, over 1,000 people applied for the role, which was to be played with Shah Rukh Khan. On the other hand, Subhash Ghai was mesmerized with her allure and excellence that he choose her for the role.

Mahima Chaudhry’s Husband

Her performance in the 1997 film Pardes earned her the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award. Daag (1999), Dhadkan (2000), Kurukshetra (2000), Dil Hai Tumhaara (2002), and Dil Kya Kare (1999) were among the films that helped her establish her career (2001).

Mahima Chaudhry’s Boyfriend

She had dated tennis player Leander Paes at the time, but they broke up because he had an unofficial relationship with model and socialite Rhea Pillai, the wife of another Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt.

Mahima Chaudhary with husband Bobby Mukherji. the bridal box

Mahima Chaudhry’s daughter Ariana Chaudhry

She married Bobby Mukherji, a draughtsman financial specialist, in 2006. After some time had passed, the two of them gave birth to a beautiful little daughter named Ariana. They are living a happy life, but things are not going her way, and life is making its own decisions for her. In 2013, the actress revealed that she and her partner had a strained relationship and announced their separation.


While we are certainly familiar with the entertainer’s work and major life events. However, in this essay, we have compiled the most important information on her amazing girl.

Mahima’s daughter, Ariana, is almost as wonderful as her mother and has accompanied her to a few events. Many recordings and images of Mahima and her daughter Ariana have recently gone viral on the internet, with fans gushing over Ariana’s adorable appearance. As a result, we might expect to see her in future campaigns.

Ariana Chaudhry with Mom Mahima Chaudhry


The last time Mahima Chaudhry appeared in public with her daughter, not only did her fans go crazy but so did her little girl’s admirers. In a video Mahima posted on Instagram, the mother and daughter were discovered in a vehicle. According to the celebrity, her toddler shattered a tooth after falling all over, and they are getting root trench therapy. She even mimicked her small girl’s terror by displaying it in the same manner.

Mahima requested that her followers wish for her small girl to appreciate all that life has to offer so that she does not weep during her treatment.

She was afterwards photographed with her adorable child outside the institution by paparazzi. Ariana was dressed in a white T-shirt and dark joggers, while Mahima was dressed in a dark suit.
Mahima is well-known for her fondness for posting images of Ariana on social media. Her admirers never stop gushing about how wonderful she is. Some described her as lovable, while others noted her resemblance to her mother’s youthful appearance.

Despite her youth, Ariana is well-versed in the latest fashion trends and can rival any prominent entertainer in terms of polish. Ariana’s grin, as well as her expensive clothing and accessories, would make anyone faint.

Because of her strong attachment to her daughter, the actress has gone above and beyond to provide for her. Even though Mahima and her significant other have not divorced, they have not lived together in seven years. Mahima petitioned for sole custody of her child and has raised her as a single parent since then. Regardless of Mahima’s comeback, it will be fascinating to see if her daughter joins the company soon.

Aryana Chaudhry With Mom Mahima Chaudhary

Aryana Chaudhry With Mom Mahima Chaudhary

Ariana’s cousin and Mahima’s sister Akansha’s child, Ryaan, are close to her. They have a close friendship and a strong relationship. On the internet, there are numerous recordings and photos of Mahima spending time with her sister.

Ariana is growing into a woman with the same beauty as her mother and is now taller than her. Her sister and her family’s video and images captured on their way to the facility have gone viral. In a meeting with Bollywood Bubble, she recently stood up against her broken heart and separate, small daughter guardianship difficulties. In any case, following her experience on the set of Dil Kya Kare, she has been dubbed “the scarface” by some.

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The entertainer’s entire journey has not been easy and raising her child as a single mom has also been difficult. While participating in numerous live exhibitions and events, the entertainer has always had the choice of giving her child her undivided attention. The comedian has had two previous abnormal birth cycles, which is quite remarkable.