Courteney Cox Reveals Why She Regrets Her Cosmetic Surgery & Go For More Natural Beauty Now


Courteney Cox, the star of the iconic television show Friends, has always been stunning. She ultimately underwent numerous surgeries, believing that cosmetic surgery was the only way to stay relevant in the entertainment industry. And it’s incredibly energising when celebrities like Cox are open about their work over the years. Everything you need to know about the actress’s experience, regrets, and desire to embrace a natural life is revealed below.

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How it all started

Courteney Cox decided to begin her adventure with plastic surgery after playing the legendary role of Monica Geller on Friends. When the sitcom’s first season began, she was the second-oldest cast member. Cox was 40 years old when the show’s tenth season aired. The diva began receiving injectable fillers at that point because she was dissatisfied with how she appeared and wanted to remain current in a way that wasn’t maintenance-related.

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It’s challenging to work in a field when appearing young and attractive is essential to succeed. The actor said, “Hollywood makes it hard; this business makes it hard.” “When I was younger, I believed that appearance was everything. that I would be fine as long as I looked okay.

How it became a routine

Cox also went into great detail on how she fell victim to the pattern. “Well, what would end up occurring is that you would go to the doctor, who would say, ‘You look terrific, but what would help is a little injection here or filler there…’ Then someone mentions another doctor to you. You’re layered and layered and layered the next thing you know,” she said.

Cox’s regret and the decision to get her procedures reversed

The Friends alum acknowledged that she may have overdone her efforts to maintain a youthful appearance. While having the operation, she was unable to notice the outcomes because the changes came about gradually. But she ultimately woke up when she heard her close friends criticising her appearance.

She wanted the operations reversed for more reasons than just her friends’ responses, though. Another contributing element was seeing herself in pictures, where she appeared even worse. She also admitted that she regretted getting several cosmetic operations done because they made her appear worse rather than better.

Today, she is opting for a more natural approach.

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“If you have thin skin as I have, you need mobility in your face. Those are smiling lines, not wrinkles. The actress ultimately said, “I’ve got to learn to love movement and understand that fillers are not my buddy. Cox is currently feeling her best and is completely at ease in her own skin after dissolving all of her fillers.

In June of this year, the beloved Friends character will turn 59 and still appear stunning. And she acknowledges that right now in her life, she feels more confident than ever. I sort of control everything. And I keep working on the aspects of myself with which I’m not as comfortable so that I can develop and improve,” she said.

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Courteney Cox’s Age is 58 years. Her date of birth is 15 June 1964.

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