19 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen in China


“We’re not going to do it!”Most visitors get that thinking when they visit China. The country’s main attraction is its residents— with their traditions, rules, and funny habits at times. This article will tell you about exciting events that occur regularly in this country and even shocking things.

1. You can compete in contests in China where people have to eat chili peppers while they’re in a pool of them. We hope the reward is worth the fight.


2. Have we ever reported that China’s population is enormous? Here’s a video of a resort in China.


3. Carrying fish in the clavicles ‘ hollows is a popular trend for girls in China to demonstrate how slim they are.


4. Barbers are making full use of their imagination.


5. You don’t have to go to a spa if you want to relax. Everywhere, you will find a masseuse.