Experts Reveal 10 Ways to Stop Being Tricked by Restaurants


There are a few ways you could get your local restaurant to spend more money than you should. Sometimes you are convinced to buy food at a price higher than it really is worth. Some times, you’re buying more food than you usually can eat. What might shock you is that some of these places have found true ways to get you to spend money right under your nose. And you’d never think they’d try to manipulate you.

1. The Delboeuf Illusion

You’ve undoubtedly seen the images in which two forms are the same size, but look different. Restaurants take advantage of this illusion: serving portions on large plates makes customers feel they get a big meal, even though the same amount of food can easily fit on a smaller plate. The fact that there is still space, on the other hand, can make you think you have room for more meat. Even the reverse is true: buffets can offer small plates to trick you into eating less food slowly.

2. Size tricks

Let’s assume that while you’re eating soda, the drink may be served in a thin glass because people are associating small stuff with being tall. Because of this correlation, they may believe that they will get more for their dollar if they could really get more if they had a wider cup. In other terms, make use of them if you get free refills.

3. Making food seem fancier than it really is

When eating food, it may seem to taste better, despite being the same food, when using silver cutlery instead of plastic. The more sophisticated the food is presented, the better it may seem to you to taste.

4. “Optional” service charges

For some locations, if they provide excellent service, it is common courtesy to leave a tip for the server. What you may not realize is that some places are already paying the bill for “free” service. Not only would customers be too embarrassed to question it if they were going to pay less, but most also wouldn’t realize there’s an extra charge and add an extra tip. In some cases, servers are known to ask if you would like to add a tip when you have already paid the service charge.

5. Recycling free bread

Most restaurant workers accept this habit: when customers finish the free bread that served as an appetizer, it will be saved and heated up for the baskets of tomorrow. Many places become a little more innovative to their credit, creating the bread croutons and similar food items.