David Beckham Hairstyle: David Beckham’s Best Haircuts


David Beckham Hairstyle: David Beckham is known for his fearless approach to changing his look. Whether he’s flaunting a long ponytail, opting for a buzz cut, or styling his sandy blonde hair slicked-back, one thing is certain: Beckham effortlessly pulls off every haircut and style he tries.

David Beckham’s Best Hairstyle 2023

This is no small feat, considering the diverse array of looks he has embraced over the years. From his early days with blonde highlights as a soccer rookie to his current more refined appearance, let’s take a journey through all of David Beckham’s standout haircuts and styles throughout his illustrious career.

David Beckham’s Hairstyle – 90s Cut

Back in 1995, when David Beckham was just around 20 years old, he embraced a classic ’90s hairstyle. His look featured longer, piecey, highlighted locks swept to the side, capturing the essence of the windswept style that was a hallmark of Beckham’s early career.

David Beckham’s Hairstyle – in England in 1997

As David Beckham’s career flourished, he opted for a change with darker locks. In a photo captured before a Champions League match in England in 1997, the athlete showcased a darker and almost slicked-back hairstyle, reflecting a shift in his overall look.

David Beckham’s Hairstyle – Blonde Locks

In this image captured during a commercial shoot in 1998, David Beckham reverted to the piecey blonde highlighted look. The longer length of his hair in this style evokes the reminiscent charm of a ’90s boy band star. Considering that Beckham began dating his now-wife, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), in 1997, it’s not surprising that he maintained this boy band-inspired hairstyle. By 1999, his hair had grown long enough to resemble bangs, marking another phase in his evolving hairstyle journey.


As David Beckham’s hair began to grow back, he continued to experiment with more daring looks. In 2001, he debuted a mini mohawk, showcasing shaved sides that transformed his appearance dramatically. This bold choice demonstrated Beckham’s willingness to embrace unique and unconventional hairstyles during this period.

Buzz Cut

The baby mohawk was short-lived; later in the year, David Beckham shaved it off and allowed his hair to grow in slightly for another close-cropped buzz cut. The addition of some facial hair complemented the look, showcasing Beckham’s ability to effortlessly transition between different styles with ease.

David Beckham Hairstyle – Ponytail

Whenever David Beckham opted to tie his long hair back, the result was sleek and stylish. During a press conference in 2004, the soccer star chose a low ponytail, a look that showcased his diamond earrings and added a touch of sophistication to his overall appearance. Beckham’s ability to effortlessly carry off different hairstyles further solidified his status as a style icon both on and off the field.

David Beckham Hairstyle – Spikes

The longer hair didn’t stick around for too long, though. Just about a month later, David Beckham was back on the field with shorter hair. The longer pieces on top were spiked with gel, a styling choice that kept them out of his eyes during the game. This quick change demonstrated Beckham’s versatility and adaptability when it came to his hairstyles.

Trimmed and Neat

At the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, David Beckham exuded the essence of a celebrity athlete. Adorned in a well-fitted black suit, he elevated the ensemble with a polished, slicked-back hairstyle and coordinated facial hair. This refined and sophisticated look showcased Beckham’s ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of sports and high-profile events with a sense of style and elegance.

David Beckham’s net worth

The Sunday Times Rich List 2023 states that David Beckham’s personal net worth is approximately £370 million, while his combined wealth with his wife, Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl, is approximately £425 million.