Diletta Leotta: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

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There’s really only one reason why as of this moment Diletta Leotta is in the news, other than the regular reasons because she’s a journalist and gets a lot of attention. But this happens to have more to do with her impressive bust line and she was asked to take her top off, or at least give them a peek, by the desire of some less than well-mannered individuals at a soccer match.

She is a very beautiful young woman with a very appealing look, but one thing every fan, no matter how unruly, has to note is that she has to be given the same kind of respect that someone else would offer when it comes to her work. Diletta grinned at her benefit and gave a thumb down to the audience, showing that even if she was disappointed in them, she wasn’t about to accept their requests for juveniles. One thing you can say about that woman is she’s got miles of sophistication.

10. She has a very impressive following on social media.

Her followers are numbered in the millions, so it’s kind of obvious she has a lot of people who either love to tune in and see what she’s up to as far as her career goes or maybe just look at her pictures. That seems to come with the territory sadly even though it’s kind of a backward slope when it comes to respecting women. Luckily she is a very classy woman who shows very encouraging and engaging pictures with her fans.

9. Diletta seems like the outdoorsy type.

She seems to enjoy getting out and having a good time, which is probably a good thing because it allows her to remain active and without a doubt helps to keep her fit just as much as she does to work out and pay attention to her diet.

8. She recently shut down fans that were telling her to get naked.

Of course, this has already been discussed, but it has to be said that she could have flown off the hook at the unruly fans and it would probably have made the story even more famous, but since she wasn’t about to give them what they wanted, in either case, she politely shut them down and proved that she was both wise and judicious with her responses. Evan Jankens of 97.2 The Ticket has more on this subject.

7. She’s currently in her late 20s.

Diletta isn’t really that old and yet, at this point, she’s done great things in her life, meaning she’s still a very focused and goal-oriented woman who knows what she wants and can go out and get it when the moment comes.

6. Diletta has been a model and an actress as well.

This should come as a’ duh’ moment since she has the look and she clearly has the personality that would make her a big personality on the screen perfect for her. It’s hard to say why she went into journalism, but the paths to her present position were perhaps acting and modelling.

5. She’s a very fit individual.

As you can see, Diletta takes very care of herself and is known to hit the gym and remain as healthy as much as possible, thereby giving her the alluring form she has as of now. It’s not a positive note in her life that men have catalogued here, but it’s not entirely surprising. Luckily she was able to take it with the greatest possible grace.

4. It sounds like she keeps her love life and business life separate.

It also sounds as if she did not break up with her fiance too long ago and may very well know-how and when to keep her professional life apart from her personal life, which is a great skill for anyone to learn on television or in film.

3. She does love to travel.

This is quite evident from her Instagram posts as she loves going from one place to another, no doubt finding the experiences she needs while she is young and being able to enjoy them to the full.

2. Her current net worth is around $200,000.

This may seem to be about the right thing for a TV journalist, though some were considered to be worth millions, depending of course on the duration of their career and how far their scope was seen to go.

1. Apart from being asked to take her top off, she hasn’t been involved in any real controversy throughout her career.

If there was anything but this moment in her professional life, it still has to occur because frankly, it seems like she’s done her job and done it well so far without any real problems that could be heard.