This IAS & Criminal Lawyer Sister Duo Is Winning Hearts Across The Internet


Social media occasionally provides inspirational content. A recent viral video featuring two successful sisters is a potent reminder of women’s amazing strides in their jobs, education, and independence. Viewers were moved by their motivational tales of perseverance and achievement, which brought to light the amazing advancements that women are making in the workforce.

The narrative begins with a photographer who goes by @framesbyankit on Instagram, sharing a reel of two strong sisters.

When questioned about their upbringing, Pari Bishnoi, the eldest sister, talked about her outstanding accomplishments. Her identity as an IAS officer was disclosed, and she triumphantly stated, “This time, we had very peaceful reactions.” She had recently monitored elections.

Officer in the IAS Pari Bishnoi. After earning an All India Rank of 30, Pari finished her MA in 2019 and joined the IAS in 2020.

As one of the first members of her community in Rajasthan to pass the UPSC exam, Pari emphasised her noteworthy accomplishment while holding the position of Additional District Magistrate in Sikkim.

Pari credited her mother, a Rajasthan Police officer, for inspiring her commitment to community service via her significant work. “My mother is in the Rajasthan police,” she declares. She has worked since I was a child. She was also able to make a great deal of difference on that tiny level. She was among the first female officers in many police departments.”

She said that she has experienced this dream since she was a little child.

After that, the second sister, Palak, talked about her extraordinary adventure. She disclosed that she practices criminal law in both the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court, which is an equally, if not more, noteworthy accomplishment.