Dulquer Salmaan Movies Every Fan Must Watch


Dulquer Salmaan Movies: Dulqueer Salmaan is not just a well-known businessman but also a well-known figure in the Malayalam cinema industry. He has been working for ten years and has already won many prizes, including the “Asiavision Award,” the “Filmfare Award South,” the “Asianet Film Award,” and many others. The top Dulquer Salmaan films include “Ustad Hotel,” “Bangalore Days,” and his most recent smash, “Sita Ramam.” Let’s take a look at some of Dulquer Salmaan’s best films.

Dulquer Salmaan Movies List, Every Fan Must Watch

1. Ustad Hotel

This 2012 film was based on the true experience of Narayanan Krishnan, a cook who later became a social worker. This plot initially seems like another masala movie, but you soon learn that it has all the hallmarks of one without sacrificing any of the creative aspects. The protagonist of the novel encounters difficulties in his attempts to flee and succeed professionally. All viewers will enjoy the feel-good movie Ustad Hotel, which is set in the Malabar region of India. The soundtrack improves the movie. Overall, Ustad Hotel is unquestionably a top-notch Malayalam movie from the decade of 2010. It’s a little surprising since it was Dulquer Salmaan’s first picture that the film is regarded as one of his best.

2. Varane Avashyamund

Even though this 2020 drama isn’t the best, it’s a wonderful, family-friendly film. The situational humour of Anoop Sathya’s writing is excellent, and it occasionally compensates for the thin plot. While DQ portrays the neighbour who is affectionately referred to as Fraud, Nikita, a 20-something woman, is eager for an arranged marriage. Major Unnikrishnan, a retired army officer, and Neena, a divorced French teacher, are both in their latter middle years. These people, coupled with a variety of intriguing characters, create a very joyful slice-of-life sense in Chennai that feels like it has its own personality.

3. Ok Kanmani

Mani Ratnam excels in portraying love. Even while this 2015 film isn’t as ground-breaking as some of his most well-known ones, he still manages to offer a youthful romance that seems new. The cinematography has an effervescent atmosphere, like a beautiful winter morning, and the music is delightful. Mumbai is one of those places that stays in its 20s and 30s even as we become older, therefore the setting there emphasises youth. It offers a novel perspective on “live-in relationship” films, which, despite their contentiousness, are always a little bit spicy.

4. Bangalore Days

This 2014 slice-of-life movie is brimming with liveliness. After a close childhood buddy gets married, three cousins who had been estranged during their school years eventually reunite in Bangalore. Follow them as they rekindle their romance and learn to navigate it as adults. Observe them as they strive to accomplish something with their life.

5. Solo

Some level of disbelief must be allowed when reading this 2017 anthology. It follows four different characters and connects them to the earth, air, water, and fire elements. The four elements segment didn’t make much sense in my opinion, but it also didn’t contribute much to the movie that was overly distracting. One of the best parts of this movie was Salman Dalquer’s performance. The background, the cinematography, and the independent music provided this movie’s narrative with some much-needed assistance. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, it was a good movie.

6. Karwaan

Have you ever taken a trip between Bangalore and Kochi? This 2018 movie features a frustrating car ride with a young stunner named Mithila, a loose-lipped Shaukat, and an uptight Avinash. Follow the dead body that is travelling with this band of rag tags. This film may remind some viewers of Finding Fanny, but due to the several twists it takes, you quickly lose track of that similarity.

7. Mahanati

This 2018 movie portrays the ascent and ascent of Savriti, a rockstar, in a theatrical biography. How she came to be known, her career, and her previous relationships with married director Gemini Ganeshan. both her career success and the pain she felt after marrying a womaniser. The film skillfully humanises Savitri by showing her as a flawed human being who made numerous mistakes and had to suffer the consequences.

8. Charlie

Salman Dalquer and Parvati Thirouvothu, who previously collaborated on the 2015 movie Bangalore Days, teamed together once more. Charlie, the title character, strikes the audience as a happy manic pixie dream boy. He enjoys travelling, parties, and attempting to uplift others around him. Tessa, our female protagonist, is a compassionate and determined graphic designer. Their relationship and the way it spread like a butterfly are at the centre of the movie.

9. Kali

More of a rehabilitation picture than an action thriller, this 2016 release. Siddhartha and his wife Anjali met as freshmen in college. Siddhartha has struggled with his wrath from the beginning. Despite Anjali’s better judgement, they get married in the hopes that his animosity will subside over time. There isn’t. Anjali resolves to divorce her husband in a fit of rage after an argument on the road and a near fight in a Dhaba. The filmmakers do a good job of showing how wrath can destroy a truly amazing relationship.

10. Comrade in America

Only Dulquer aficionados will see this 2017 movie. Aji, a young communist, enters America illegally to prevent his girlfriend’s wedding but is apprehended by American authorities. Again, read that. What could possibly be the wackiest justification for entering another nation illegally if not that? Aji is convinced to travel to America to prevent the wedding thanks to Karl Marx, Che Guevara, and Lenin in a bizarre alcohol-induced hallucination, and you have a movie that is so awful that it almost works.

11. Sita Ramam

The India-Pakistan conflict serves as the backdrop for this 2022 movie about star-crossed lovers. The narrative is seen through the perspective of Afreen, an anti-Indian college student from Pakistan. In order for Sita to get her fortune from her deceased grandfather, Afreen is compelled to deliver a letter to her. What happens next is a hero’s journey in which Afreen changes her perspective on India as she learns about the love between Ram and Princess Noor Jahan, a love that transcends religion, class, and status. The recently released film is regarded as one of Dulquer Salmaan’s best works and has been a huge hit.

12. Kurup

The murder and fraudulent use of his life insurance are the subjects of this 2021 movie, which is based on the life of the criminal Sukumara Kurup. The film strives to avoid glorifying Kurup, but it ultimately succeeds in doing so by adopting a weak attitude. Even though there was enough material for a strong tale, the non-linear storytelling was a bad concept because it made many things appear unclear. Overall, the film had good music and cinematography, and Dalquer’s acting greatly improved it.

13. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithal

In this movie from 2020, con artists are deceived by other con artists before teaming up with them to pull off an even greater con. When two software engineers who profit from internet fraud encounter two females, they decide to change their ways. When the police arrive and inform them that those females have defrauded them, they had already fallen in love and moved to Goa. Unfazed, the pair locates the girls, and they collaborate to plan a bigger con in Delhi. The movie had some clever story turns that kept the suspense high throughout. This movie has a sharp and well-written script.

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14. Second Show

The entire cast, including Dulquer, a relative newbie at the time, gave outstanding performances in this 2012 criminal thriller. Without a question, the movie has a compelling plot, but it isn’t what most people associate with it. The humour and unforgettable incidents in this film stick with you long after you watch it. Finding a good, stylish gangster movie is difficult, but this one succeeds in doing so.

15. Salute

I was a little let down by this movie because I was craving a nice whodunit. Despite having a fantastic premise and some breathtaking scenes, the movie just doesn’t feel right. The movie does an excellent job of showing how even the most upright cop may get jaded by the corrupt legal system and its many levels of bureaucracy. Dulquer portrays a cop who was forced into falsely accusing a person of a crime, and the audience follows him as he investigates this closed case.

We thought these were some of Dulquer Salmaan’s best films. Tell us which Dulquer Salmaan film is your favourite.

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