Elementary School Teacher Arrested After ‘Making Out’ With 11-Year-Old Student


A primary school instructor was detained on suspicion of engaging in an unsuitable friendship with an 11-year-old pupil.

Madison Bergmann, an elementary school teacher, was taken into custody on Wednesday, May 1, on suspicion of making out with a fifth-grade student who was eleven years old.

The youngster and the teacher at River Crest Elementary School in Hudson, Wisconsin, were talking on the phone one day after school when the parents of the 11-year-old became worried.

The parents allegedly discovered text exchanges between the boy and his 24-year-old teacher that went back months when they examined their son’s phone on Monday, April 29.

The student is said to have texted, “Haha bro I just want to make out with u,” in one of the texts. And Bergmann’s supposed reaction was, “I do too! as in all the time.”

When the boy’s father brought the text messages to the school’s attention, the administration called the police, stating that they were “regarding inappropriate conduct between a current teacher and a 5th-grade student,” according to CBS News.

Screenshots of the allegedly text-based interactions between Bergmann and the student were presented to officials.

According to reports, Bergmann and the student initially exchanged phone numbers in case they had to part ways during a winter break ski trip with the boy’s family.

According to Kare 11, the youngster reported to the authorities that the couple had a real-life kiss and spoke “almost daily.” According to the New York Post, the criminal paperwork also stated that Bergmann told the student how much she enjoyed “making out” with him.

Inside the teacher’s rucksack, police also found scribbled notes in a folder bearing the student’s name.

Bergmann reportedly told the student in her notes that she “loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on, and that she is obsessed with him,” according to CBS Minnesota.

Bergmann was arrested three months before her long-term boyfriend’s wedding was scheduled, and she was charged with one count of first-degree child sexual abuse with a kid under the age of thirteen.

Despite being placed on administrative leave from the school and prohibited from interacting with kids, staff, parents, or anybody under the age of 18, she was later released on a $25,000 signature bond.

It is said that she will appear in court again on May 30.