Ex-Commando Who Saved Gautam Adani Life Angry Reply To Anand Mahindra For His Offer On Agnipath Scheme

Anand Mahindra, Agnipath Scheme, gautam adani, ex-commando
Anand Mahindra, Agnipath Scheme, gautam adani, ex-commando
source: NDTV

Candidates halted railway and road traffic in several Indian cities a few days after the central government announced the Agnipath Yojana. Permit me to inform you that the plan calls for the contractual hiring of army soldiers for a four-year period, with the majority of them being forced into early retirement without salary or pension benefits.

Protests against the Agnipath recruiting plan erupted in a number of regions, including Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana. During these demonstrations, demonstrators emphasised concerns over pensions and job security. Streets were flooded with throngs of protesters who were chanting against the Agnipath Yojana.

Many people displayed signs and burnt tyres to protest the idea. The demonstrators, who staged a demonstration against the Center, voiced concerns about the future and their services by drawing attention to the scheme’s requirement that only 25% of people were recruited to serve for the entire period.

Anand Mahindra Sir On Agnipath Yojana

This plan is being opposed by many ex-servicemen in addition to aspirants for a variety of reasons. Anand Mahindra, a millionaire businessman, has said that his company would be recruiting Agniveers during this time. However, a 26/11 hero and former commando has some doubts about Anand Mahindra’s claim.

What does he say?

Former commando Praveen Kumar Teotia tweeted, quoting Anand Mahindra’s tweet about the Agnipath scheme:

“I’m still unemployed after 15 years of Service. Even I saved 185 lives in Taj including @gautam_adani during 26/11. What job are you going to provide me in your Group.
@anandmahindra. Many like me still unemployed after 15 years of Service but you never provide anything to them.”

 In another tweet, he wrote,

“Now everyone will watch silently as an open audience. No one will get any answer. Everyone will calm down and become a spectator as usual. Because @anandmahindra @gautam_adani @narendramodi no one has answer to my questions. The country will not be able to return even 1% of what I have done for the country.”

Since then, he has received a lot of love and support from people around the nation as his tweets went viral. Many individuals are now disputing Anand Mahindra’s motivations for taking this action.

Who is Praveen Kumar Teotia?

A former Marine Commando Force (MARCOS) member named Praveen Kumar Teotia claimed to have rescued 185 lives during the November 26 Taj terror attack, including the life of Business tycoon Gautam Adani. In order to save uninvolved spectators at the Taj Hotel during the 26/11 terror attacks, he absorbed four gunshots.

Anand Mahindra, Agnipath Scheme, gautam adani, ex-commando

Four of his ribs and his right lung were injured when one bullet instantaneously impacted him in the chest. Another round hit his protective collar, grazing the wall of his heart.

After the attacks, the Navy officer needed to rehabilitate in the hospital for 19 days. His pay was affected when he was later released from the Navy Force. Teotia is the only lung injury survivor in the world whose recovery is nothing short of a miracle, according to medical studies.

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