5 Insanely Expensive Things Hardik Pandya Has Worn That Make His Fashion Sense Of Epic Level


People frequently overlook the fact that Hardik Pandya had a fairly difficult childhood and youth from a socioeconomic standpoint, despite the fact that he is considered the controversy’s favourite child. You’ll be astonished to learn that Pandya just began to earn well after his IPL debut, back in 2015. Pandya currently owns a car collection worth over Rs 10 crores.

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Naturally, he plunged right in and made some very eye-catching purchases, the majority of which were clothes, shoes, and accessories, once he was in a position to afford the creature luxuries that life had to offer.

1. A Jacket Worth Rs 40,000

© Viral Bhayani

Taking into account the other items on the list, a jacket costing Rs 40,000 isn’t all that pricey. Unbelievably, this is the item on the list that is the least expensive. The in question jacket is a simple black sweatshirt from Versace that was once sold for roughly $600 or Rs 42,500.

2. White Sneakers Worth Rs 1,40,000

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We recognise that white sneakers have been popular for a while, and true sneakerheads really wait in line whenever a company introduces a new range. Again from Versace, Hardik is seen here sporting a pair of White Palazzo Slip On High Tops. A new pair will cost you $2,000, or slightly more than Rs 1,42,000.

3. A Shirt Worth Rs 1,00,000

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Most of us could purchase a whole wardrobe for at least ten years with the same amount of money that Hardik spent on a single shirt. The Louis Vuitton Paris patterned shirt that Hardik once wore to a very informal meal costs $1,470, or slightly more than Rs 1,05,000.

4. Pyjamas Worth Rs 1,60,000

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Oh, this one did draw attention, and rightfully so. Consider purchasing a set of pyjamas that costs well over Rs 1,60,000. Hardik was once seen donning a jacquard pyjama set from Dolce & Gabbana, which cost Rs. 1.67 Lakhs, for a casual supper with his family. The price of the shirt is approximately Rs 90,000, while the pyjama bottoms are roughly Rs 70,000.

5. A Watch Worth Over Rs 80,00,000

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Yes, lakhs, not thousands, as you may have mistakenly believed. This one stands out not only for the price but also for the location where he was observed wearing it. Hardik is wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph, namely a 5980/1R-001. The retail price for the watch is $91,400, or slightly under Rs 65 lakhs, before taxes and import fees.

Consider wearing an 81 lakh rupee watch right after surgery. We don’t know what will make you feel better if that doesn’t already.

That is the wishlist we should pursue if we ever win the lotto right now.