Fact-Checking Policy


We (The Emerging India) would like to let you know about the care and caution we exercise to guarantee that Our material is accurate in accordance with Our Fact-Checking Policy.

Due accuracy in all Our content

The most crucial factor for every journalism platform is the audience’s trust. Accurate, fair, and balanced reporting is the only foundation upon which trust can be built and maintained. It is crucial that We continue to be dedicated to achieving appropriate accuracy in all of Our material to the greatest extent possible. According to our definition of “due accuracy,” accuracy must not only meet the required norm but also be satisfactory overall.

To ensure that our content is accurate enough, we follow the advice provided below:

We make sure that every broadcast we make comes from a trustworthy source and is supported by verifiable data. We are required to credit the platform from which the news are sourced when there are no direct sources available.

We make an effort to confirm any claims, allegations, or facts ascribed to public authorities or from someone we believe has a reason for doing something other than just reporting an event’s veracity. As a result, we disclaim and qualify any material, including any assertions or accusations that we are unable to substantiate.

Sourcing Information for Our content

We follow the instructions provided to source information accurately:

Verify all of the information from at least two different sources.

When there is only one source, the veracity of the source is guaranteed by supporting what the source is claiming.

In every situation, look for documentation evidence rather than depending entirely on a human source. When conducting a survey, it is Our responsibility to explain how the data was gathered and analysed. If there is a danger that Our data won’t produce correct information, we let the audience know as soon as we can about the discrepancies.