Flora Saini On Her 14 Month-Long Abusive Relationship, Says ‘He’d Punch My Private Parts


A well-known actress in Bollywood, Asha Saini has also appeared in a few Kannada and Telugu movies. Begum Jaan, Stree, and a few other movies include the actress, who made her acting debut in 1999. While Flora was enjoying her career, her personal life was nothing short of a roller coaster.

Flora Saini

The gorgeous actress has experienced domestic abuse and sexual assault at the hands of producer Gaurang Doshi. Flora, who had a committed relationship with Gaurang, first discussed this in 2018. The actress then updated her narrative that had previously been shared by Humans of Bombay on her Instagram account.

Flora Saini on her abusive relationship

Flora spoke candidly about her 14-month abusive relationship in the video. The actress revealed the same, saying that at the age of 20, she was at the height of her career, appearing in 10 films and taking on a few modelling jobs. Flora related details of her horrific and violent relationship:

“I was in love with this well-known producer. But shortly, he became violent, boxing my face and punching me in the privates. He stole my phone and made me leave my job. He forbade me from speaking to anyone for 14 months. Up until he punched me in the stomach one evening, at which point I fled.

Flora Saini Boyfriend

Flora Saini on getting back to life

In the same interview, Flora also mentioned how frightening and difficult her violent background had been for her. Flora shared that it took her months to recuperate and stated:

“I began living with mom and dad. It took me months to recover. Slowly, I got back to the thing I liked the most-acting! It took time but I’m happy today, I’ve even found love.”

Flora Saini spoke about her toxic relationship for the first time during the 2018 MeToo movement. Flora said that she was living with Gaurang against her parents’ opposition in an interview with News18. Flora recalled how Gaurang had severed all links with her family and had begun brutally hitting her without warning. In the same interview, Flora said that when the producer threatened to kill her one day, she had no choice but to flee his house in order to preserve her life.