For Honor Tier List 2024: Best Heroes Ranked


For Honor Tier List 2024: Ubisoft’s well-received action-packed game, For Honor, offers players the chance to embody historical warriors such as knights, samurai, and Vikings, immersing them in a captivating medieval fantasy world. Since its initial release in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, For Honor has earned global praise for its captivating gameplay and impressive visuals, captivating players worldwide.

For Honor Tier List of 2024

For those delving into the world of For Honor, players take on the roles of legendary warriors, thrusting themselves into intense combat scenarios. The game unfolds as a dynamic battlefield where each hero possesses unique abilities, directly influencing their ranking on the tier list. In our 2024 edition, we categorize For Honor’s heroes into groups, ranging from the powerful S-Tier dominators to the less formidable D-Tier challengers.

S-Tier Heroes

1. Conqueror – Knights/Heavy

2. Nobushi – Samurai/Hybrid

3. Jiang Jun – Wu Lin/Heavy

4. Kyoshin – Knights/Hybrid

5. Warmonger – Knights/Vanguard

6. Shinobi – Samurai/Assassin

A-Tier Heroes

1. Kensei – Samurai/Vanguard

2. Hitokiri – Samurai/Heavy

3. Shugoki – Samurai/Heavy

4. Black Prior – Knights/Heavy

5. Nuxia – Wu Lin/Assassin

6. Shaolin – Wu Lin/Hybrid

7. Berserker – Viking/Assassin

8. Medjay – The Outlanders/Hybrid

9. Warlord – Viking/Heavy

10. Raider – Viking/Vanguard

11. Gryphon – Knight/Hybrid

B-Tier Heroes

1. Pirate – The Outlanders/Hybrid

2. Jormungandr – Viking/Heavy

3. Afeera – Knights/Hybrid

4. Shaman – Viking/Assassin

5. Zhanhu – Wu Lin/Assassin

C-Tier Heroes

1. Centurion – Knights/Hybrid

2. Valkyrie – Viking/Hybrid

3. Orochi – Samurai/Assassin

4. Lawbringer – Knights/Hybrid

D-Tier Heroes

1. Peacekeeper – Knights/Assassin

2. Aramusha – Samurai/Hybrid

3. Tiandi – Wu Lin/Vanguard

In the vast world of For Honor, heroes align themselves with one of five factions – Vikings, Samurai, Knights, Wu Lin, and The Outlanders. The assessment of these heroes is rooted in their in-game effectiveness, skill sets, and abilities. Let’s dive into a thorough examination of each tier:


Heroes in this tier boast significant damage power and robust defence, making them dominant in the current meta. They can handle any situation effectively.


Following closely behind the esteemed S-Tier, A-Tier heroes are reliable choices with commendable stats. These characters can hold their own in battles, particularly when facing formidable adversaries among the high-tier ranks.


Considered average performers, B-Tier heroes may not match the power of the top tiers but can still excel in specific situations. Choosing them is a reasonable option.


Neither exceptional nor subpar, C-Tier characters can be chosen based on personal playstyle preferences. However, opting for higher-tier heroes is advisable if given the choice.


To thrive in battles, it’s advisable to steer clear of D-Tier characters. These heroes are the least powerful in For Honor and are not the optimal choice for players seeking combat effectiveness.

Gameplay and Combat:

In For Honor’s gameplay dynamics, participants align with one of the five factions and choose classes like Vanguard, Assassin, Heavy (Tank), or Hybrid. Each hero within these classes has unique strengths, weaknesses, and weapons. Engaging in melee combat, players can earn Feats through specific actions, unlocking perks such as bonus points, powerful attacks, or healing capabilities.

During missions, players face AI minions, adding complexity to the battlefield. For an immersive tactical combat experience, the game features the “Art of Battle” system, allowing players to choose attack directions and strategically deploy special abilities.

For Honor offers an exhilarating gaming adventure, blending historical themes with intense battles. The 2024 Tier List provides valuable insights for players, helping them make informed decisions about hero selection and strategic approaches in the dynamic and challenging scenarios of the game.


Q: Can lower-tier heroes be effective in For Honor?

A: Lower-tier heroes can still be effective, depending on individual playstyles and specific scenarios. However, higher-tier heroes generally offer greater combat efficiency.

Q: Are Tier List rankings subject to change?

A: Yes, Tier List rankings may change as developers implement balance updates and make adjustments to the gameplay.

Q: Can players switch factions in For Honor?

A: No, players commit to the faction they choose and cannot switch factions during their gameplay journey in For Honor.