10+ Foreign Actors Who Did One Bollywood Film & Disappeared. Here’s What They Are Up To Now


5. Sarah Thompson Kane

The American actress played Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend in Raajneeti who dies in a bomb blast. But by then we had already seen their cute onscreen chemistry. Did you know she was already married to American singer and actor Bran Kane when she did the Bollywood film? She was also a well established TV star when the film happened. Sarah is best known for playing Eve in TV show Angel and Rose in 7th Heaven. She has also appeared in some Hollywood films. Today she is taking it slow and accepts projects only if it interests her. But she says she would love to do another Bollywood movie.

6. Steven Mackintosh

He is the elder most actor in our list. And if it wasn’t for his personal diary and the stories he wrote about India’s independence, Rang De Basanti wouldn’t have been made. Well, that’s what the film suggests! The English actor already had a career of 23 years before he played Mr. McKinley in RDB. He is remembered for films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The Land Girls, and TV show Luther. Nearing 50, and he is still going strong on television. His ongoing show is Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

7. Alice Patten

She by far remains our favourite firangi face in Bollywood. Her “Sue kar mere mann ko”act in Rang De Basanti makes the film one of our best college flicks. Sue McKinley was paired opposite Aamir Khan in the blockbuster film. She was married to American comedian and screenwriter Tim Steed, and expecting her first child when the film was sweeping all the prestigious awards in India. She portrayed Ophelia in the English Touring Theatre’s 2005 production of Hamlet. In fact, she is thankful for her Bollywood experience which “prepped her for a successful audition for the role”. Did you know Alice is the daughter of Chris Patten, a prominent British politician and the last Governor of Hong Kong? All of 36 years old today, Alice seldom appears on television. She was seen in Downton Abbey, Our Girl and Mistresses, to name a few.

8. Mish Boyko

Kangana Ranaut’s Queen was full of foreign actors. But we chose to list Mish, who played Alexander aka Sikander, the cute looking beer-toting guy who had a silent crush on Rani. Due to his adorable screen presence and unassuming nature, didn’t we all wanted Rani to fall for him? Unfortunately, that didn’t happen! For the beginners, Mish is an actor from Midland based in London and he has acted in films and TV shows like Wrist, Waterloo Road, short film The Burn and D is for Detroit. Google him now!