10+ Foreign Actors Who Did One Bollywood Film & Disappeared. Here’s What They Are Up To Now


I’m sure Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have set enough examples for you to believe that Bollywood actors have a fixation to act in Hollywood. But guess what, the flamboyance, colours, songs and dances of Hindi films have fascinated enough foreign actors too, who have time and again taken the Bollywood route. FYI we are not talking about Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez, who have carved a smart career for themselves in India. We are referring to those who already had successful jobs in their home countries, yet did not hesitate to try a hand at speaking Hindi dialogues. While some were too cute with their firangi accents, others soared the temperatures with their oomph and glamour on the Indian screens.

Many times they even stole the limelight from the Indian stars. And if we tell you what many of them did after their Bollywood appearances or what they are actually doing now, it might just surprise you.

Here we list for you some of the most memorable foreign actors who appeared in Bollywood and later went on to do greater work elsewhere in the world! Check out what they are upto now.

1. Paul Blackthorne

“Shart yeh hai ki tum humko is khel mein haraao aur hum tumhara lagaan maaf kar dega”.

One dialogue on which the entire film of Lagaan was based! The memorable dialogue of Captain Andrew Russell was spoken by English actor Paul Blackthorne in the Oscar nominated film. And Paul spent six months learning Hindi for the first film of his career. After Lagaan, Paul did several American films and television shows, including ER, 24, The Dresden Files and Arrow. Paul is also an accomplished photographer and his exhibition, “Delhi to Manhattan”, appeared in New York City to benefit the Tibetan children in Dharamsala. He even put up a special show in London, to assist the Gujarat earthquake victims in 2001. Aamir Khan had recently lent support to his “Save the Rhino Vietnam” initiative. Paul along with Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, began the initiative and are selling T-shirts with it’s theme to raise funds and generate awareness about poaching of Rhino horns. Aamir even posted on Twitter wearing the T-shirt.


2. Rachel Shelley

The British girl in Lagaan who fell in love with Bhuvan, Rachel was one of the most loved actors in the film. After she went back home, she played Helena Peabody, one of her best known characters in the television series The L Word. She was also a part of BBC medical drama Casualty, and films like Photographing Fairies, The Bone Snatcher and The Children. Interestingly, Lagaan director Ashutosh Govarikar himself penned the English dialogues and lyrics for Rachel. Currently, Rachel, 46, is settled in London and happily married to TV writer-director-producer Matthew Parkhill. They have a daughter. Guess Rachel should plan a trip to India. Won’t we love to see her?

3. Clive Standen

As hot he was way back in 2008 when he played Katrina’s boyfriend in Namaste London, there hasn’t been much change in his drool-worthy looks. Today he is one of the best known names on British television. Apart from theater, he has done shows like Zero Hour, Robin Hood, Vikings and Taken. He was also last seen in film Everest. He is the spokesperson of a marine conservation organization, called The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. We won’t be wrong in saying he still can make you go weak in the knees. Look at the picture. You think anyone else could’ve played Robin Hood any better? And he is 34, and single!

4. Antonia Bernath

Her peculiar way of calling “Khesnaa” still echoes in our ears. The British actress and singer made her film debut in Kisna, after which she went on to do many Hollywood movies like Slaughter and Pirate Radio, and TV series Trinity and Holby City. And when she wasn’t acting all these years, she took time out to study psychology. Doesn’t she still look as pretty?