5 Times Gautam Gambhir Let Down Every Indian Cricket Fan With His Words


One of the most admired Indian cricketers of all time is Gautam Gambhir. While his exceptional batting abilities are what most of us are familiar with, he is also well known for other things. Gautam Gambhir continues to create news after having been retired for approximately 4 years. His sarcastic comments and tweets are the cause. Even while he might not mean to insult someone, his comments frequently do just that.

Here are the top 5 instances of Gautam Gambhir using sloppy language and disappointing his audience:

1. Gautam Gambhir questioned Ajinkya Rahane’s place in the squad

During the test series last year, India and New Zealand faced off against one another at this time. Ajinkya Rahane was the recipient of a comment from Gautam Gambhir, who remarked,

“Ajinkya is pretty fortunate that he’s still part of this side because he’s leading”

Although it is true that Ajinkya Rahane was out of form at the moment, it is not at all attractive to make such a nasty comment about a significant player. Such statements could appear to be a “critical analysis,” but they are not. It puts the player under a lot of strain and can make them perform worse in the future.

2. Time when he made a degrading remark about New Zealand after the T20 World Cup finale

We’re going back to when Australia and New Zealand were battling it out for the T20 World Cup championship. The Australians were the winners, but New Zealand’s efforts were incredibly valiant. In his comment, Gautam said,

This comment is offensive because it is demeaning. These viewpoints fall under the heading of harmful statements. Everyone must realise that regardless of win or loss, every team deserves respect.

3. When he commented on the Indian men’s Hockey team winning bronze in the Olympics

The Indian hockey team’s third medal finish at the Tokyo Olympics was commendable and deserving of the greatest praise. However, Gautam Gambhir’s compliment to the Indian hockey squad was a little odd. This triumph was “greater than any World Cup,” as he put it, which is not flattering.

We value all awards, including trophies and medals, equally. Sports of all types are also. He was obviously comparing sports and their ideals by making such a crude comment, which was inappropriate.

4. Gautam’s tweet when ESPN shared MS Dhoni’s photo hitting the iconic six from World Cup 2011

ESPN posted a picture of MS Dhoni making the recognisable six on the anniversary of the 2011 World Cup. In fact, Gautam was being really disrespectful when he retweeted the ESPN story. His message read,

“Just a reminder @ESPNcricinfo: #worldcup2011 was won by entire India, entire Indian team & all support staff. High time you hit your obsession for a SIX.”

Nobody has ever claimed that the six was the only possible reason for the victory. The victory was made possible by the efforts of the entire team. However, it’s critical to realise that a single iconic moment often enhances the memory of a whole game. Although Gautam and the entire squad put in admirable efforts, a winning six is still a winning six.

5. Time when he indirectly hinted that Dhoni was the reason for the non-completion of his century in the World Cup 2011 final

Gambhir once said,

“I remember that after the completion of one over, Dhoni told me that ‘three runs are remaining, get these three runs and your hundred would be completed’, till I was on 97, I was in the present. But as soon as I thought that I am just three runs away from getting a hundred, the rush of blood caused by the desire to get to a hundred took over.”

Since he had just scored the game-winning knock of 97, it is very clear that he was specifically pointing the finger at and blaming Dhoni for the fact that he had not yet completed his century. However, Dhoni was the captain and his only activity was encouraging Gambhir. In the view of many, making such a dig at Dhoni was not a good look.


These were only a few of the countless occasions when Gautam Gambhir said something rude. While it is conceivable that he didn’t want to do so, as you can see, his words reveal something different. It’s crucial to realise that the only choices that will benefit you in your life are respect and harmony.