Artist’s Relatable Comics That Perfectly Show Common Girl Problems


It’s never and a beautiful woman is still not a day job. We are not criticizing people who, when it comes to everyday life tribulations, have it very simple in contrast, but the opposite is the case for ladies as they have to deal with too much of an unbelievable crap regularly.

Beginning with more serious topics, including se*ual harassment, rigid expectations of appearance, menstrual cycles and much more, women have a lot to contend with.

It turned out, an Indian illustrator, known as Akshara Ashok, crafted an upbeat and hilarious comic that beautifully depicts a modern girl’s daily struggles. Having over 203 K followers of Instagram, the main aim of Ashok is not to lament but to highlight the funny side of the popular girl issues in her comics.

Akshara covered it all, starting from menstrual jokes to awful fashion trends and short girl problems. In a nutshell, quite a few problems and misfortunes generally have a positive side to it. Let’s take a look!

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