Girl Tweets About Finding A Match For Her Mom & People Got Together To Help Find The Perfect Man


We’ve seen mothers searching for their daughters for a groom, but how often do we see the roles being changed?

Not very often!

So finding this tweet among all the hate and trolling on Twitter was a pleasant surprise for people.

Aastha Varma, whose Twitter account says she is a law student, recently photographed her mother with the caption:

Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! 🙂 Vegetarian, non-drinker, well established. #Groomhunting

And that is how, with a single tweet, she broke multiple stereotypes.

The post soon went viral, with people lauding her for the gesture and giving references to people they thought would make a good match for the mother of Aastha.

Some people also asked her why is she not trying matrimonial sites, to which she said she tried everything from Tinder to but nothing worked out.

It is heartwarming to see a daughter being so involved and passionate about finding a partner for her mother and we hope they find ‘the one’ soon.

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